Who is Richardmasonhughes

I had an idea once. One of many to say the least. I wanted to start an Auto brand. With limited funds, and a very light following. I realized the only way to create content was to do it myself. I bought a canon t3, not even a t3i from a co-worker in late 2013. Little did I know I was about to dive deep into what has now become my career. I grew up loving all thing cars thanks to my father and close male and female figures. While other kids watched and played sports I was either watching Formula One or WRC on Sundays or attending some racing event as all my uncles and friends raced in some form all over Jamaica. My dad always bought me car toys which has now made me addicted to collecting hotwheels. I played only car video games growing up and my head was always filled with day dreams of future automotive wishes. Photography happened accidentally. I always strive to be the best at anything I do. After seeing some of my photo getting out done by other photographers I realized I had to better my skill set to attract followers. I met Jeff, @Konceptphotography through instagram and was amazed by his work. He was the first person I saw light paint. The effect blew my mind. Late at night I would shoot cars at dealership lots just to practice. I eventually picked up photoshop and that is where my fascination began. Taking images to the next level with post production techniques amazed me. I also realized the immense aount of knowledge needed to advance in this field. Fast foward 6 years and I’m currently a full time photographer and content creator. I’m proud to say that I’m self taught as my unique techniques and individual touches is what goes into my shoots and edits and ultimately sets me apart. With a love for cars and a new found love for photography I realized this is exactly what I wanted to do with my life. Shoot cars, meet people, travel to amazing destinations. Portrait photography eventually caught my interests and as help me to afford the lifestyle I want to live. It’s been a rough ride as there is no written book on how to navigate this world but it has allowed to have experiences I thought I would never have. I’ve met some amazing people and driven some amazing cars. I’ve been able to create images that sometimes take me back due to the shear luck sometimes you get with photography. I’m constantly looking for new ways to improve my skill set and I aspire to be one of the top Automotive Photographer in the world. I’ve logged hour into the thousands at this pint and ive shot well over 60,000 photo since I began. I seriously love what I do, and I wouldn’t give it up for the world.