Who is RichardMasonHughes?


Born in the early 90's, originally from Mandeville, Jamaica. Richard Mason Hughes had no idea he was going to become a photographer. He eventually moved to Palm Beach, Florida at age 14 and has lived there ever since. The whole photography-design deal. Not sure how to explain that. There isn't a real history of design or art for anyone to say there is a background. He grew up around cars and racing. Every male figure in his early life was involved with some sort of vehicular activity. His love for creation, was purely accidental. A hidden passion, maybe.

It started with the need to capture media for one of his many "ideas". Early January 2014, a co-worker sold him a Canon T3 with a kit lens, and he began shooting. He quickly realized that running around snapping shots in auto mode wasn't the way to create quality work and more effort was needed. With advice from a fellow photographer and an upgrade to a Canon 6d, thanks to good a friend, he started a journey that involved hours of reading, shooting and editing. He unknowingly developed a passion through his self teachings that has manifested itself into a lifestyle of creation and marketing.

He loves it. He loves the people. He loves the places. He loves to create and to create with others. All that's left is growth, as he engages a chapter of exploration and development.

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insta: @richardmasonhughes

twitter: @richardmhughes