Cars & Coffee: December

I’m sticking with the 200 photo cap, that is a good number for coverage sets. With so many events I need to put more efforts into getting the content out. I’ll try to drop all Cars & Coffee sets on the same day or the day after from now on. To help with the time crunch I’m slowly adding all of my 2019 plans to the site throughout December. A permanent Cars & Coffee page is one of them. Some go to church on Sundays, I’ll be at C&C once a month, I want to cover all twelve next year. That' is a tall order as I know it will conflict with other events. Getting to know know Frank and seeing how him and the team work tirelessly to keep show running is commendable to say the least. I’m hearing big things are coming next year. Excited to see what they have in store. Hopefully I’m all squared away by that time so we can start the new year with a bang.

If you haven’t been to a Cars & Coffee event you are seriously missing out. There’s something for everyone. What makes it better is the growth. It gets bigger and bigger every year, which amazing to watch and experience. It’s the only place I feel you’ll find a true variety of cars, trucks, bikes and whatever else people come up with. If it has an engine and wheels. It’s here.

I have never seen a meet that has been able to keep this level of consistency. Calling it a meet at this point is silly as most shows won’t even come close. Even crazier they do this every month; by they I mean John, Frank and Lana. Before I get yelled at, I’ve only seen these three and team out there, I haven’t met anyone else involved so fill me in later. John probably doesn’t remember meeting me which is fine, I’m sure he get harassed enough as it is.

I have more Bat suit shots, don’t worry lol.

I burn calories watching Lana work the lot. I blink and she’s gone. Blink again she’s back. I caught these shots and turned my head. Good bye. Then her hat pops up some random photo later on lol.

Frank is a homie for life at this point, I see him everyday at Lambo and it’s impossible not to like the guy…. It’s frank man. He’s been lugging the SV around and he was the one who brought the demo Urus out west for the barn shoot. ( Click Here )

Thank you all for everything. I know the insane amount of effort it takes to run a small event I can’t imagine something this size.

Back to the show…. uh so many random things happened in one small area. I stayed right at the front with the Lambo Palm Beach team and didn’t go to far from there. It’s way easier to shoot the cars as they drive by and it seems to be random enough where I’ll get something fresh each time.

People who never been to Cars and Coffee Event often ask what type of cars are there. I give them the same answer every time. “Everything!'“ with a very reassuring nod. With the increase in cars I’ve also noticed the increase models. It’s tricky now as they attract a mob every time they pose. One guy saw me shooting as he backed up in my shot, he turned and start shooting my model then walked off, didn’t even say anything. Nikon users…smh. lol j/k


The Model. No idea who she is as I didn’t get her name. I feel bad because they turned out pretty good. I also saw a few others but just like the cars I can’t keep up. New faces every month.

I’ll do better at capturing the ladies next time as I can see there’s a ton of interest.

To add to the randomness of the day, at some point a bunch of Star Wars characters showed up. Being a fan myself I had to lock in a few shots. Pretty cool.

I barely captured anything behind me. I ignored the SVJ as I didn’t care for roped off photos and awkward faces in the background.

Beside the SVJ was another insane green machine. With carbon everywhere and a design that has some extreme lines I had no idea what this was. Obviously a Mclaren of some sort, with Lambos in my face everyday it’s hard to focus elsewhere.

The Mclaren Senna. Inspired by the late Ayrton Senna, this Mclaren was created to be the fastest they’ve ever built. With almost 800hp and weighing only 1180kg it’s faster than the P1. I’m really curious to learn more about this car. I haven’t shot a P1 yet and now we have the Senna. 2019 goals.

I continued to shoot and eventually left just after 11. I had fun as always and the lower temps make the shows more enjoyable. I’m rolling out the drift photos this week and the vlog stuff from the last 3 events also. I’m dumping the entire set below. feel free to share and make sure you tag me.

See you next month.