EuroTripper 6

...still moving forward. I truly underestimated how many photos I took that day. I have so much. The plan was to have this and at least two others up with a site revision. Working this set ate all the time up. I'm sticking to the promise and moving forward though. If you haven't noticed there's now four instagram outlets for my work. I'll be explain more on that later in the week; they are also up and running.


      I honestly thought I would never get here. Good thing Eurotripper isn't as crazy as the other brands, so 4 shows didn't pass by while I took the time to make the changes. I had to finalize the set, one of the things I regret not doing sooner. I quickly realized how ridiculously large the set is. Almost every car has multiple shots. I think I can drop 4-5 bakers dozen posts from this set alone. Even with this many photos I may have only captured half of what was there, the show was huge!

   Good Show

     I'm going to warn you guys from now, this post is long. The reason I took so many photos was the simple fact that there where a ton of clean cars and the layout made it easy to shoot them. 

I'm not hating on anyone else when I say this, so far my favorite show of the year.  

        Before you get all tight, remember this is my opinion. So there are certain specifics that I care about that others may overlook. 

First thing for me, which is major. The layout. The main cars where spread out; I think they had a car length or more all around. I know indoor shows have it more difficult so this is more of an individual factor I respect versus something to always expect.

     If you ask any of us auto photographers, most will tell you they hate shooting shows. Esp indoors, they are great for the weather but normally lighting is a pain. I dealt with it shooting this set. Fortunately it was mostly cloudy so it wasn't too bad; but there were a few cars I had to reshoot because the sun came out.  

     Being able to step back, and not worry about another cars parked near-by made all the difference. It also helped with bystanders. I spent less time waiting for people to move because the next car was so far out of the shot. 

The Cleanliness

      The cars just amazed me; like classic JDM, I love old school Euros too. There was a ton of classics. I must have walked the show 20 times over. Didn't have a problem seeing the same cars again, just to stare at them awkwardly. I wonder how many owners saw me doing that. 


 The old, the new and the ones in the middle. Growing up in the 90's cars like this were a dream, even better seeing it sit like that.

       Guys, I'm telling you, every time I load one of these galleries I'm skipping a lot. I'm thinking I may ignore the bakers rule of 13 for this set and drop a bunch from here. 

The Details

     A ton of clean engine bays, and it's a different kind of clean all around. Maybe it's because I don't see cars like this often, but damn guys. I was really impressed with so many builds.


Some cars took an alternative route and embraced the age. The results were dope either way.


Show Favorites

    I said I would choose one show favorite, and it was hard to do. Like seriously hard. So it fell onto four vehicles. They all amazed me equally as much. I'm dropping a few of each here and I'll be posting bakers dozen sets throughout the week.

I'll show them in the order I spotted them. 

As I made may way past the bag riders booth I spotted this Bug that made my jaw drop. 

      The engine setup sealed the deal for me. Owner is @badassvw, I chatted with him for a bit and got to hear about all the details that makes this thing just right.

     Well done man. 

Next was this 3.0 CS. This one hurts the most because I have the least amount of photos in comparison to the other three cars. I spotted the bug earlier in the day; when the heavy clouds came I went back to a few cars and captured the darker photos like what is above. I completely forgot to revisit this one.

     I'm cheesing right now. It's so sick. I spotted some things with the paint that makes me believe it may be original. If that's case; I love it even more. Sadly, unlike the other three, I also didn't meet the owner. I'm sure the gram will help me there. I would kill to shoot this again.

    I never really cared for the VW bus. Didn't hate them, just never saw one the appealed to me. At this point I had walked around a lot. After eating I told myself to make another scan. 

    I spotted this bus. 


     Jarrett was near by and I snapped asking "Why da hell didn't you tell me about this?!?!". Assuming he had to have seen it: I felt like a dummy for missing it.

     Owner is @unlandhaus, I think I have enough to actually post a feature on this. It's just too cool not to.

Last but not least is something on the newer side. I saw this car early on but didn't pay it much attention until shortly before we started to wind down. 

       It was later in the day that I saw it was sitting on CCW's. For some reason that made me look at it closer. Then I noticed the interior. 


     This is another one I'm positive I can post a feature on. I took plenty. It was one of those that over time it just got better and better. Owner is @ste3ven. I hope to see this one again. 

Made it this far?

      Longest set to date. Even though I didn't want to wait this long, I'm happy I did. I was not ready at all. With the end gallery added, safe to say I'm well over 100 photos. That's not even half of what I have. The rest? I'll feed the gram; make a part 2?

Maybe, I'm def set up to get content out faster now.

     I had an amazing time at the Eurotripper weekend. I will be going to the next one. It was pleasure meeting all of you and always thank you for everything. 

Check the gallery below for some more show shots and keep your eyes peeled for more updates.