Get Low: On The Strip

With my new responsibilities at Lambo Palm Beach, I’ve realized how important my time has now become. Just short of impossible is how each day feels as I’m still pushing to get everything done with the site by the end of the year, while working 9-5, while hitting shows every weekend. It’s rough but I have no choice. Luckily, I did catch a small break. Normally shows surprise me or I end up with too much work load. Thankfully my entire weekend was open so I could cover both days. I also told myself this set will drop even if it kills me. With the awesome weekend I had they deserve a full set.

_MG_3778 copy.jpg

Contradictory to my recent efforts, I’m already being yelled at for releasing content without a watermark. Understand that I support growth. I’m very proud of what they have been able to accomplish by sticking through it. It’s not easy and just like photography, there is no written book on how to make it in this world. More impressive is the fact that I can say I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend. I’ll give you my reasons just understand, I care about somethings others don’t and I’m also able to look past things most won’t. Most importantly, I’m speaking from a photographers perspective.

The Pre-Meet


Saturday night, me and the bro @tyeparali hit the pre-meet. Located at Buffalo wild wings…Pause, I’m sure some of you peeped him recording footage with his phone. I am finally pushing my self to create video content. With my hands tied it was easier to bring my bro in to help get some vlog stuff going. I’ll keep you posted as we are still working out the kinks. Anyways…..yeah Buffalo Wild Wings, Boynton Beach. ASM Pre-Meet was chill. Cops were cool. Ppl were respectful, for the most part, and the vibe was relaxed all night.

Familiar faces and cars always set the mood. With my current schedule it’s the only time I get to hang out…while working? I also met a lot of new faces and was able to link them to cars I’ve only seen online. One of the main things that made this weekend good was it felt as if I wans’t home. I’ve been doing what I can to go farther and I hit Orlando, Daytona, Miami and Atlanta this year. I’ve never been able to do that due to always being tied down to a 9-5 with no vacation time and then learning how to afford the lifestyle without “normal income” once I gained the time. With these extended weekends I grew fond of hitting shows just to shoot in places I’ve never been and I seen some really cool cars. If you stay local, you eventually turn into a grumpy hater as yes you will see “the same shit at every show”.

The lighting was trash, I already had a plan to slap a ton of grain with whatever color profile I can whip-up to send across the whole set. With new cars and some builds getting got done right before the show, the parking lot did feel foreign. The homie @tmasss planted @srfrja’s car under some nice light in front of the hotel parallel to Buffalo Wild Wings. I had to steal a few knowing it’s the only time I may catch something worthy.

Next move was to some carwash I must have driven past a bunch of times and never took notice. More chill vibes as the meet was split and groups started to thin out. Again another spot the cops didn’t harass us and ppl were respectful….for the most part lol. After more hangs we split again. I ended up Dt in packed ass Hookah Inn watching ppl get too wild. Bad move on my part. I’ll plan a better move for wek fest. I want to shoot a group of cars since we have early sunsets, hit the pre-meet and then a 21+ location after. Sorry kids.

The Show

After a few errands we hit the main event. I was extremely curious to see the layout. A noticed a few factors that played more intp the luck side of things. The weather. I got there around late and it stayed cool most of the day. It was mostly cloudy which gave the best lighting I could ask for at a show. When the clouds finally cleared the sun was already in sunset mode. Weather can make or break a meet. I hate cooking in the sun.

The show was located at the Palm Beach County Park Airport in Lake Worth on Lantana and Congress. The layout had most of the cars and vendors centered in front of an empty hangar; which was also used to house a few more cars and provide shade. Food trucks were located on either side and there was plenty of music depending on where you wandered off to. Head out closer to the runway in the back and more planes could be seen.

We arrived around 2pm. With little time to spare it was straight to the homie Miguel ( @fiftyshadesoffades ) to capture some both shots with the beautiful Tatiana ( @bellaexoo ).

Shortly after I then knocked out a set with Miss @jaydelandau.

The light was perfect all day. Light cloud cover kept the sun down and with the cooler air temps, I barely broke a sweat. The rest of the day consisted of random shots and chatting it up with the people.

After the awards everyone dispersed, some already on the way out, others breaking down their booths. The a rest of us ended up on a part of the runway. Later we found out that wasn’t a good idea as we got kicked off by Khris shortly after. Fortunately I was able to secure some proper shots before having to leave. The main reason I went out was to capture shots of @andy_hilins wicked MR-2. He stopped me mid show and asked for some photos he wants printed. I shot a few in the hangar but I wasn’t satisfied and told him to make it out to the runway after the show. If I’m going to charge someone for work it has to be right. Walking out to the strip I saw an empty pad. No one was around and as I walked out and I wasn’t told to stop… I kept going. Andy timed it perfectly and happen to show up shortly after. I hopped in and we drove all the way to the edge. After the pad was a huge empty field with the city way off in the horizon. The sunset started to get to it’s peak of brightness with color. It was the perfect time to shoot.

….mmhmm….yup Ill add the full set later I ran out of time making this so I’ll announce it next week. As we took the rolling shots and prepared to do it again, I heard Khris yelling. “Everybody get off!” oops…lol. We were out way too far and planes were about to fly in. The randomness played in my favor again as I doubt I could have planned that shoot any better. As the sun set, we gathered for some last minutes hangs and photos, said our goodbyes and we rolled out. The ASM team did well and the visuals I captured couldn’t have happened without a dope meet, some luck with the weather and proper vibes. I’ll post a few more shots below and both full sets are available back on the post home page ( Click Here ). Big shouts to Khris, Lizzy and the ASM team for throwing an awesome weekend. I have nothing but high hopes for next year and wish nothing but the best.

We got USDC Saturday. I’m stoked as I need drift content in my life again, then Cars & Coffee Sunday. Tons of stuff to capture with no time to edit is the rule around here. With the Aventador SVJ in town. Keep your eyes peeled for some content with that as I plan to get as much as I can before it’s gone. Thank You everyone for your continued support. No idea where I would be without you all. We will chat soon….peace.