Get Low: Daytona

Peeps! Waddup, what’s cooking? It’s Wednesday. I didn’t have an intro so that’s what I’m gonna roll with.

Last weekend, on Sept, 15 to be exact. The Atlantic Street Movement team bridged new gaps by taking their efforts to Daytona Beach. Car shows there are not unfamiliar events; truck shows, bike shows and all sorts of events happen all year round.

Not inside a mall though. Just saying.

I’ve watched ASM grow over the last few years and they continue to throw some of my favorite shows. I don’t know if it’s the overall vibe, the lack of boredom, or the fact we are in a mall. Whatever it is, they’ve managed to venture on their own path as trendsetters in a very diluted world.

Rollers Shot by: @bigapplemagic

Piloting @feeels30 yet again, we headed to Daytona for another show filled weekend. GarageFresh had an event on Saturday at Daytona One; more on that later with a blog post. Anyways, this time I planned to shoot as minimal as possible. If it was up to my heart I would’ve pushed to capture every car like always do, so everyone has shots. Unfortunately I am so busy that keeping the shutter count low was the only way this post could happen.

The Volusia Mall on International Speedway was the canvas for the event. Until the show day, I’ve never been inside but talking with Khris prior he seemed happy with the layout. Roll in involved crossing over a wood ramp with a 4in steel ring sticking out of the ground and some how someone managed to get stuck. Otherwise the process was fairly quick and easy. Major improvement over having all the cars pushed in; although that decision varies from mall to mall.

Once parked, I realized this mall was very wide making the parking situation much easier. We scored a neat spot by the roll-in area on some carpet. All other cars where spread throughout and venders were also in random areas; all this gave ppl a reason to walk around. During most shows, it is always mandatory that we leave for a few hours to either nap at the Air BnB or go explore to kill time; that is very hard to do with ASM. If someone complained about being bored on that day, just tell em to stop going to shows in general. I chatted with a few mall employees after getting yelled at for obnoxious music and they seemed really excited with the experience. Cars are in my life 24/7 so I tend to forget how foreign they are to non car people. All day you could see folks staring into sparkly paint or making hand signals to describe excessive camber.

One of my favorite concepts they have is the store take over. Obviously luck plays a good part in it but setting up headquarters in an empty store is a really slick idea. Most of the day I casually walked the mall with no rhyme or reason, the only goal though, was to relax and enjoy the day. I took that vibe throughout the entire weekend and it was real nice not having too many photos to deal with; gave me the ability to enjoy the events. Shows are some of the only times I get to see some of you now and it’s always good meeting new ppl. I’m really proud of the ASM team and what they have accomplished so far. With so much room to grow the sky is the limit with what they are building. It’s crazy how fast 2019 is coming to a close, I’m excited to see what is in store for next year.

Until then I’m out. The entire set is on my facebook page ( LINK ). Those are the only shots I have, I really wanted to shoot more trust me, but this round I couldn’t. I’m dropping some faves below to give you something to scroll through…

See y’all at Clean Culture…peace.


Richard Mason Hughes