Get Low: In The Mall

First post.


         Back in January, the 21st to be exact, Khris and the team threw the first show to kick off the year. I've known them for a while now and it is good to see the brand grow and evolve.

     One of the things I appreciate is the effort in locations. It's dope seeing cars all over the mall while open to the public. Catching clueless faces was the norm that day. Watching bad kids touch your cars was also common. Invested in ceramic coatings lately? Highly recommended.

     Most of the indoor shows are in some form of convention center. Great, but its nice to see a group take a different approach and push the envelope with locations. As a photographer, I'm always trying to find the most unique spots for my shoots and that is why I can appreciate what they do. 

Get Low: On the Strip

Get Low On the strip.jpg

     I'll use this moment to quickly plug the next show coming in November. Pushing the location envelope ASM is throwing a show on an air strip. I'll be out there shooting and chilling. So don't miss out!!!



          The show also extended out to the parking lot. The weather was iffy that day. Which always scares people off. Every show except Euro Tripper, had rain issues. Wekfest Atlanta...rain. Stancenation florida....rain. Tuner evo daytona.......guess what. Rain. Well not during the show but we still dealt with it. I was surprised to see the lot fill out later on after the threatening drizzle we had. 

        This next car is important. I saw it parked off to the side by itself. This one takes the cake as my fave from the show. I told myself from then on I would choose one car from every event that impressed me the most. It's never anything specific. Some cars talk to me some don't, no hate ever, just appreciation. More importantly this practice started the need for The Bakers Dozen; you can see more shots of it here.


         Inside was setup nicely. Cars parked everywhere; you can tell who the randoms were because they would awkwardly look at the vehicles with the most confused faces. 

          I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw Jacobs Z. I was so impressed, I did a full shoot on it a few days after. The post made it to the site way before this one. If you haven't seen the set yet Click Here.


        Another cool aspect of the show was the breakdancing competition. I've never shot dancers before; normally my subjects are still. I decided to slow the shutter just enough to create a little motion blur. 

That's It...

       I enjoyed the show. It's local so I get to hang with all the homies and ladies I don't get to see as often. Starting the year out shooting an event in the mall was refreshing. As the next few months passed, I ended up doing way more than expected. 

      As usual, I'll drop a bunch more shots down below and Thanks to ASM for having me. I will be at the next show. Now that we are live again I'll be posting daily. So I'll see you tomorrow.