Get Low: In The Mall pt.2

PEEPS! Whats good>?
Three months into 2019 and I’m making my first post to the site. Luckily I have a ton to dump into the blogs so changes are coming. Regardless if the site is ready or not I’ll always keep it alive enough to make occasional posts like this.

Last Sunday, Atlantic Street Movement threw another Get Low event inside the Boynton Beach mall.


The Day Before

Good weather, good people and a good show normally creates the base for a great weekend. So far ASM has gotten extremely lucky with the weather during the last two events; each show closed with epic sunsets. The best part of any show is getting in a full weekend. It’s when I shoot just to shoot, no obligations to capture anything specific and I get to mess around with the edits. I did have one responsibility, and that was driving @feeels30 around for the weekend.

If there is any car I would give up the 240 for is an E30. Obviously feeels is on a whole other level closer to perfection but, nonetheless, it was the highlight of my weekend. Saturday, we headed out west to hit one of the good spots before the pre-meet. Grant (@zellnerdc5) was also with us.

Normally we have a larger group but that makes for too much chaos sometimes and I never get to focus. A cool evening with the bros, dope cars and a beautiful sunset is always better with a chill atmosphere. I was able to capture good shots of all three cars. Click Here for the full set from that afternoon.

The Pre-Meet was a success in my eyes. Everyone behaved! So it seemed because I didn’t hear much. Thanks to everyone for respecting the location. Although we got kicked out, which I think was due to the amount of ppl, I’m glad I’m not writing this saying “never again”. I want to get better relationships with businesses or property management from now on though. We don’t need to get shut down; just gotta apply better planning.

The Show


Sunday morning we hit the I-95 and headed out for roll-in. Forecast showed Sunday following the same trend as Saturday so after-show shoot-talks were already in the works. With any show, I was ready to make observations to see how they stack up to last year. This time they avoided the outside parking lot. Even though we had good weather it was def a better move.

Parking lot roll-in visuals were easy to get this round. Each car had to be pushed into the mall, so it was slow. Can’t complain. Mall rules. I shot while others used the opportunity to get in last min fixes or polishing.

Inside we set-up at a half way point between the roll-in entrance and the food court. With each car having an “area” versus a parking spot, we had some flexibility with getting the cars situated. This was the first show in a long time where we stayed there the entire day. The normal trend is leaving at some point to either eat or relax to burn through some of the day.

I’m going to be as unbiased as I can be with explaining my experience. I’ve know Khris and Lizzy for years now and I’ve been shooting the ASM shows and meets since I first picked up my camera. I continue to do so because I see growth, maturity and just all around constant improvement. I love that.

With the show inside the mall; that alone is epic. There are plenty of skylights, so the indoor lighting for the most part wasn’t difficult to work with, only in the shadow areas. With the light sources so large and wide I didn’t have to worry about circular reflections from places like the convention center. No two cars had the same angle. Every single car had it’s own shoot situation so creating variety was easy. I’m sure as a spectator it must have been interesting to go for a Sunday shop only to find the mall layered with a bunch of random builds. I saw all walks of life either capturing images on their phones or just looking in an amazement. Cool to see cars do that to “normal” people….”normal”….lol, and since they have no idea what they are looking at, the don’t have time to hate like the some of you. After every show I see some cool guy posting hate on FB about someones build. Yet, they are at every show. I’ll let you know right now ppl, hate is in every scene and ppl are trash in every scene, stop crying about who hates you and surround yourself with ppl that fit your vibe.

Which brings me to the next factor. The overall vibe. I try to always embrace the positives and get along with everyone, and sometimes that is still not enough to set a proper mood for the day. Everyone has to be on the same wavelength for the most part. The drama feens will always be miserable at the end of a show. It is getting tougher to hang with ppl individually as my work flow is increasing, so a good local event always helps me get in some hang time with everyone.

After Show Hangs

Roll-out was way quicker, once outside I could tell a good sunset was brewing. All day the crew has been going back and forth about where to shoot but tbh, non of us anticipated that we would be out so early. The mall parking lot quickly turned into an after show meet. After grabbing shots of a few cars roll out I roamed around taking random pics until the homies from StaticAlliance asked for some shots.

I noticed a large empty lot to the west close to where we first grouped up. I got a few cars laid out and snapped some solos as quick as I could before the lot flooded. With perfect lighting and a fairly clean asphalt most of my favorite photos from the weekend were captured here. Being forced to create an edit that fit all colors was fun and it was a nice flow working on the edits which I rarely get. I’m normally stressed to all ends trying to perfect it.

Smooth, so smooth I didn’t even care to remove the stop signs….ok maybe I will for the gram posts lol. Anyways, the entire weekend turned out amazing. Tons of visuals to keep me posting for the week and a much needed break from a busy schedule. As for the show, well they did very well again. Definitely better than the last. Some luck with the weather plus a great location and good vibes gluing it all together created a great weekend. The file dumps are on the main page, feel free to download, repost and share; please make sure I get tagged (Click Here). I’ll hopefully be back on here soon and more consistently. Until then… Thanks for reading…Peace!