Supercar Saturdays June

....better late than never?



   So the next one is two days away. I'm still confused at how fast June flew by. Still in process of getting everything posted I'm now in an awkward limbo; posting old and new at the same time. 

Oh well... 

Roll Out

     We met at Vinn's house in the a.m. and then rolled out. I used the opportunity to snap a bunch of rollers. This group made it extremely difficult; everyone just wanted to be up front. I ended up hanging out the window the entire drive.

    We stopped for some gas, lucky move because heavy rain followed right after. Waiting for it calm down I used up the photo opportunity here. 

The Meet

The meet location was at Lamborghini Broward. They've kept it here for as long as I can remember and it's always filled with the most supercars vs any other meet I've been to. If you want to see a ton of high end stuff, this is the place to be. 

      The weather, though unpredictable created a favorable shooting situation. Normally these events are at the worst time of the day: well at least for my shoot style. The rain and heavy cloud cover was a blessing. I wasn't burning up so I was able to relax and enjoy goodness around me. 

      Like this beautiful Datsun. Finding cars like this is one of the reasons why I love going to meets, esp out of town. 


      I took enough to drop a Bakers Dozen post. Click Here if you want to see more...

      Due to our late arrival, shortly after being there it was already time to roll out to the second location. I snapped a few and we hit the road. The plan was to catch rollers of the entourage of supercars that would be on the highway. It didn't happen, @bmwaddict showed up though, so he got a few. 

Location 2

     We ended up east in the Las Olas area at a fancy place. Burger no fries and a coke was $20. We livin' huh? 

  Not designed for so many cars, esp at once; there was a bit of a jam as they slowly packed into the lot. I took more photos before and after eating. 


Last Stop

     With the count in my head, I was done taking rollers. I jumped in the e30 and enjoyed the cruise back north to boca for the last stop. 

     I did not expect to see this many cars. The plaza is huge and the entire front lot was filled. The building had an open area where I found this Carrera Gt.

        Parked in the perfect spot to lock in some photos; I went at it. I've been fanboying over Porsches lately so finding this was sweet. 

      I also made a Bakers Dozen post of this beauty. Click Here


That's it

      I hit the lot again to grab a few more shots before heading out. We were exhausted. I took a ton of photos and only scratched the surface of what was there. Saturday is around the corner so getting these up was a must. Thanks to Chase for driving me down and hanging with the crew. I am definitly excited for the next one....see you then. 

oh yeah.... more photo below....