US Drift Circuit: July

...the smell of roasted tires and unburnt fuel brought back a feeling that I will never be able to find anywhere else. 


      Keeping the same energy here we are again. It is getting easier to manage the work flow which helps on weekends like these, that have multiple events each day. After hitting the Supercar Saturdays in Broward, I cooled off at home for a few hours, edited then headed to Palm Beach International Raceway.  


I always park inside; too much walking. I used the Civic like a golf cart all afternoon. Rolling in behind a S13 hatch had me in the feels; I was antsy to get in.

As soon as I stepped out of my car. I immediately smelt burnt rubber, followed by the sound of some JZ equipped machine screaming behind me. I didn't even turn around to look; didn't need to. I must have stood there for 10-15 seconds just soaking it all in.


          Entering the pits, the first person I saw was the famous Chris Jackson. Who wasn't surprised I didn't ask for a media pass. I'm not good at exploiting my media services and I normally wait till the last minute to think about asking. Make sure you give him and the team tons of support. The fact that I can come to PBIR now and see more cars, more people and now drifting on both courses, I'm more than fired up to get back to driving. Thanks Chris! What would we do without you?

       Jacob, Josh and Randy were also there. I haven't seen the crew in so long. It's bitter sweet because I also started to miss driving with them, which had me question my choices. Lame as it sounds, I was at my happiest when my POS was running. I regret taking it off the street. 

Drift Hq has one nasty JZ swapped E46. That was the car I heard earlier. Damn! 

Honestly all their cars are sick. Unfortunately I didn't get much, time was against me and I don't know them personally. When that's the case I don't invade busy spaces for a shot. I refuse to be that annoying photo guy. You all know I can't be slick with this I notice ppl stare at me now,'s weird tbh. 


    Sadly I did not get photos of everyone. Only the cars posted are the ones I have shots of. Every event I get requests for photos and I hate when I have nothing to give. It's just not in the budget to shoot that much. I purposely limited myself by bringing a smaller card so I can have this post out on time. I'm working on being able to provide something for everyone whenever I shoot, I promise. 

The entire road course and the back half of the kart track were the drift options. It was an extremely busy atmosphere. Tandem, Group A and Group B were the three classes and they had a drift rental. Which I ignored to save money.  

     I took a while to get used to taking actions shots in low light. I eventually got the feel and captured some decent entry shots. I did most of the shooting at the road course by the FD layout...

    .... and also grabbed a few at the kart track.


      I spent more time watching than shooting thanks to limiting myself to less shots. I feel like I miss a lot with the camera on my face the entire time. I get home and all I remember is taking photos. 


    It was great seeing everyone again. I'm glad the drift-fam is still together and you all still have the heart for it. Don't lose that. Please. Major thanks to Chris Jackson and the team for continuing to throw multiple events year round. Keep killing it!

....see y'all laters. You know the routine.... scroll down for more.