Day with an Aventador S

If you have read most of my posts, I'm sure you have caught on to the fact that most of these shoots are last minute. This one tops the list so far. Most cases I get a day or two, or worse the night before. BAM called me at 10am and told me to come now! Or at least ASAP, but I think he was being nice and didn't want to rush me. I got to the dealership closer to 3pm from boynton beach. On the way, I noticed how heavy the traffic was, I new we were headed east for the shoot, not good. 

Non of that mattered as soon as I walked into the dealership. BAM's office has quick access from the side. A few seconds of some chit chat and we immediately began preparations for the shoot. Then you get distracted by all the machines around you. Like that Huracan with the amazing Blu Caelum Metallic paint offset with bright red interior. I was ready, and could care less about the traffic and any other headaches at this point.

I honestly had no idea what car I was going to shoot. Guess I should listen more. I entered from the side of the building and parked in the back, so I didn't see any of the cars in the lot. After a pep talk with the boss, we headed straight to the front. I started staring out into the parking lot trying to guess what car we were getting into. Somehow, I didn't notice the brand new Aventador S Coupe with that bright Balloon White glowing. I didn't get much time to wrap my head around it. In a few seconds we were inside rolling out the dealership. BAM wasn't wasting any time. I mean I wouldn't either! 

I guess it's a good time to drop a disclaimer. Most of the cars amaze me, so ill try and sound as unbiased as possible, and point out any negatives if I do find them. With that being said, my first taste of the car was from the inside. Carbon details here and there, leather everywhere. An extremely bold center console with enough buttons to make you think twice before pressing one. Only fitting since this thing is fast as heck. Once the sport mode is activated, you can hear the loud naturally aspirated v12 yell, followed by the lovely obnoxious backfires when downshifting. We both giggled like little kids every time the car popped. I'm not sure what glowed more, the paint or BAM's face, haha. 

After driving around for almost an hour with multiple locations failing due to heavy traffic. We both started to get really annoyed, as much fun as we were having, we still had work to do. We avoided the beach but it turned out to be the most calm location. We were able to secure a fairly open spot and we immediately began shooting.  

So many details, that make this car something to stare at. It was obvious, everywhere we went this car attracted an insane amount of attention. After grabbing a few close shots, I switched lenses and stepped back. Then I was able to soak in the beauty of the situation. 

The day was honestly perfect. Normally at 3pm the florida heat is so brutal you spend most of the day running from it. Even though it was hot, it wasn't unbearable. Which gave ample time for those awkward staring sessions. At one point this random guy walked up to me, and whispered, "holy shit". I snapped out of it and looked at him awkwardly since he popped up from god knows where. "I was wondering what you were staring at, I didn't notice the lambo, damn." Then we both silently stared at it as BAM did his walk around.


BAM wanted to make use of another location, so we shifted our efforts to a spot approx. a quarter mile away. There, we were able to relax and get more creative. My favorite shots of the day came from this location. Shooting with the sun so high made for some challenges during and after with post production, but I couldn't ask for a better outcome. Thanks again to BigAppleMagic!!!