Photo Cred: RichardMasonHughes 

Photo Cred: RichardMasonHughes 

I've been dying to shoot this car. When I found out it was for sale, I knew if I didn't get a shoot soon, I could miss a sweet opportunity. It's definitely a good feeling when the vision you have for a shoot turns into a reality. Empty lots, parking garages or even the good areas out west, wouldn't have done this shoot justice. It's a rally car. Should be on dirt, right? 


Built in March 2016, this version is one of the cleanest you'll find, especially in the U.S. Well, it's the only one in the U.S. So if rarity is a buying factor, you'll definitely get that here. I'm sure most of you are wondering, what is a Lada VFTS? The VFTS is a rally car derived from the Lada 2105. During the group b rally era, it competed in the WRC and other European events.

Source: escmk2 on tumblr

Source: escmk2 on tumblr

VFTS (Vilniusskaja Fabrika Transportnyh Sredstv) was a company developed and ran by famous rally driver, Stasys Brundza of Lithuania. After the ban of group b rally cars in 1986. VFTS ended production shortly after. The car had gained so much popularity though, that other builders began replicating the same specifications. Extremely popular in Hungary, these cars are still built today! 

My good friend Zoltan, acquired this machine a while back and it's sick!!! Growing up in Jamaica, all motor carbureted engines, screaming at redline, were the sounds I grew up hearing. Tight roads, with even tighter turns ensured the rear-end was seen at the same time with the front, as my Dad or one of my uncles would exit a turn sideways. Probably why I love drifting so much! With that being said, you should now have an idea of how much I can appreciate the VFTS. Cars like these are gems to enthusiasts like myself. And this is one is sweet.

There isn't much "Lada" left in the VFTS . Ok, maybe the headlights, doors and such. Built from the ground up. Every area of the car has been modified in some way. From the outside, you can easily spot the 16 point cage through the plexi glass windows. Which quickly puts into perspective how much work went into this car. That's if, the rally stance, race livery, carbon roof scoop, and bits of suspension parts peeking from under the front bumper didn't grab your attention already.

Up front, is an office built for serious drivers. Switches, fuses and lights litter the passenger side of the dash. Huge gauges, a golf ball shifter and hydraulic emergency brake, display the amount of time spent to ensure the driver has full access to all the tools. Carbon fiber can be found everywhere. All the windows have been replaced with plexi glass. The hood, trunk and other body parts are also no longer metal. Weighing in at less than 1900lbs, this thing is light!

Under the hood is just as sweet as the outside. Running on race gas only, a fully built 2000cc sohc race engine, sits comfortably in a clean stripped bay. Twin 48mm Weber carburetors feed the air and fuel. Fine tuned with a computer controlled distributor, this engine puts out close to 200hp! Combine that with the extensive weight reduction, 5 speed close ratio dog box and a locking diff, you end up with........FUN! As plain and simple as that may sound, it should be more than enough of a reason to want one. Any photos I found of these online, the owners were always smiling. The same silly smile dog owners make when they take selfies. Watch some youtube vids, and it's nothing but drifting and maximum attack on sprint and rally stages. You can also find videos of them drifting touge style and performing gymkhana style stunts or getting torn up in rally cross events. It then makes sense as to why they're faces are filled with joy. 

A car like this is definitely on my list to drive. Sadly I didn't get to drive this one. It's up for sale, and it would most likely be another car I would devalue. All the youtube vids filled my head with screaming engines and a ton of sideways action. So of course, I would want to follow suit. Scroll down to see more from the shoot. 

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