The Blue Huracan

It's been way too long! The crazy weather sucked the life out of everything. My florida people understand; well if they haven't drowned yet! We had beautiful spring weather, followed by death heat for a week or two then, boom! Rain,! Well luckily BAM was able to pull some strings and we got to shoot that pretty blue Huracan. 

Oof! That blue! So nice. Right?! We stuck with our usual plan; take the car to the rocks on the island first, then head to our planned location. Boss loves the rocks, so we always try to snap a few there.. The weather looked fine so we didn't have any worries.

Once we calmed down from acting like two kids who just stole their dads Lambo. I started to examine the car. I quickly noticed how different it is compared to the Aventador S. The ride is much softer and forgiving. The center console is less obtrusive. Inside the S, I always felt like I had to press something. The Huracan is what I would use for a weekend cruise or to pick a date. The Aventador S, is the highway machine. 

Although the Huracan would be date car, the Aventador commanded respect. I noticed people seemed annoyed with the Huracan. When we had the S, people moved out of our way. We literally watched a guy in some jeep cut 3 lanes over, paused to let us by, and just shoved his way behind us. Haha man, I couldn't make this up. Pedestrians stared in amazement, and let us pass instead of crossing. The blue is beautiful, but people just seemed pissed off. Maybe it was something in the air, or every one was having a bad day. One guy stopped, got out his car and yelled at us as we were setting up at the rocks! What?!? We had the S there for quite sometime nobody said a word. So yeah, no cool rock photos. Even better, it started to drizzle. The day we took the car marked the beginning of the awesome rainy weather we've been having. Some days start beautiful and sunny. After 2pm at some point the day turns into a unpredictable mess, or it just rain constantly for days at a time. We ditched our original plans and played it safe by using a nearby parking garage. 

Thankfully, the rain didn't reach downtown as yet, so we had enough time to use the roof. Finally being able to step back and really look at this car, made all the headaches prior, worth it. The blue, well Blue Caelum Metallic, to be exact, combined with the red interior is extremely gorgeous. I then walked around and really examined the car, to understand the lines and various shapes in the design. When I see these cars, I rarely get the chance to look at them in detail. 

I'm not a fan of fan of flashy interiors but I wouldn't take this car any other way. It has the right amount of red, in all the right places to offset the blue. Add the same color brake calipers, win!  

I really wanted some high angled shots. My 6D doesn't have that fancy swivel screen; it's a guessing game when shooting up high handheld. As I deleted my failed attempts, I looked up and noticed the top floor wrapped around and covered the ramp. I should have already known that was there. I've shot here way too many times. BAM positioned the car for me while I shot from above. 

It was perfect timing. Shortly after the rain caught up. The drizzle started and quickly got heavier. We took the car underneath and took a few more shots for backup then brought it to the dealership. It's always a pleasure getting to spend personal time with these cars. Big thanks to BigAppleMagic for making it happen and thanks to Lamborghini Palm Beach for providing the Huracan. Not sure when we will have another car due to the messy weather but we will plan another shoot soon. The rest of the set is posted below. Thank you all for the support!

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