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If you checked out the full set from the Low N Clean event. The trucks stole the show in my opinion. So unique and the attention to detail is on a whole other level. As the show drew to a close and we prepared to leave I noticed a crowd forming in the far distance at the entrance around two large vehicles. Old school biggie could be heard coming from the same direction and as I got closer I realized the sound was coming from one of them. These are some of the sickest trucks I’ve ever seen. Not a panel spared from customization. Every single detail has been manipulated in some way giving the eyes so much to look at.

Once I was within a few feet my attention was drawn to the smaller of the two. I later found out it is some type of old jeep. I honestly had very little time to look at it and began shooting immediately. I then quickly realized how many different parts have been added or modified. Literally every few inches had something photo worthy. Overwhelming to say the least; I’ve never pointed my camera at a build with so many intricate parts. A full shoot would easily reach 100 shots and if time wasn’t against me it would have happened lol.

The huge truck was the smoother of the two. Still crazy, with a large turbo sticking out of the hood followed by the exhaust flowing right up the windshield and over the roof. A rack of marine loud speakers were the culprits of the old school hip-hop that filled the lot and just like the Jeep this truck was a work of art. No area left untouched and though wild, every piece comes together to make something truly unique.

As you know I always try to find show favorites to post about. I never look for anything specific; most cases it is a random occurrence. The master mind behind the builds is Jose Lugo ( @eippowdercoatinginc ) and after a quick chat it seems I may be seeing, at-least one of them in the near future. More details on that later, in the meantime the site is nearing completion as I am quickly approaching my deadline. Keep watching; more is coming… _rmh


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