918 After Hours

      ....originally shot for The Bakers Dozen section, 13 photos was not enough.


    Whenever I visit Lamborghini Palm Beach for a shoot. There's a chance that they'll have something eye catching parked right in front of the main entrance. Most cases it's not a Lamborghini, and the only place I'll ever get shots is right there. 


 I shot that Gt3RS last year. I've grown very fond of Porsches lately. They've earned serious respect by still offering manual options. I saw the new GT3 Touring at cars and coffee. I was in love.  

      The night I went to shoot the first Performante, I saw this in the showroom and had to snap a few pics. It was gone a few days later. 

The 918

     A year later I'm walking in to meet BAM and I see this...    


A Porsche 918 Spyder.

OH Geeeeezzzz! BAM was down to hang out after and let me steal a few shots. It was a very tight space for the 50mm but I made it work. This car is definitely a work of art.

       Out of curiosity I asked Bam what the asking price was.



      After hearing that I did not want to get close. I knew they where expensive but man, that is up there. GLWS!  


     One day I'll have cars like this at my disposal, until then I'll make the best of the moments I randomly run into them. Just like the GT3RS, the 918 left a few days later.

Below are the rest from the set. Tons more content coming... see yah!