Austin's Type-X

...flipped the script too many times. 


     Austin hit me up to shoot his Type-X. After too many cancelations I finally had the time to schedule him in. From my laptop failing to new responsibilities my free time is almost non existent.   


     I always give my clients the choice of shooting downtown or out west in the open. Austin wanted to use the city and the beach. I'm glad he went with that route. I've abused the west side but I've also grown fond of the new changes downtown. 

      I love the artwork that has been introduced. Next week I plan on spending a clear afternoon shooting all the pieces I can find. I just love the way my city looks: so I decided to use it more. 

Location 1 : Random Alley


        After linking up we hit the town to find somewhere to shoot. I had a few spots in mind but preferred to hunt for something new. 


We made two quick turns and rolled passed this alley. We agreed it was worth the look. I liked it for a start. 

    It was at this point I started to really look at the car. It's so clean. The type-x is an all time favorite; the only way I'll switch to a hatch. 

   The ride height and wheel setup is just right. We had no problem navigating the bad alley roads. It also gives it a clean simple JDM feel with nothing over done or too aggressive; drive-able.   

Location 2: Familiar Territory


    I choose to go with a known spot for the 2nd location to save time; the beach was still on the schedule. The first time I shot here was with the Oro Elios Huracan Spyder a few months ago.


   Unfortunately I couldn't place the 180 in the cut due to someone parking there. So I improvised with the available surroundings. 

What else is there to say? The car is just right. I use this stop to capture some interior shots before the light fell too low.

     Just as clean inside. When shooting imports I sometimes find random JDM upgrades. Pity the NAV says were stuck out at sea lol. 

I asked for a quick reposition to get some more shots, then it was off to the beach. The way these turned out created the mood and feel I was looking for. 

Final Stop: Palm Beach


     Yup, my favorite shots from the set are coming up. The light was strange all afternoon due to some sort of dust cloud that flew in from the far east; no clouds when I looked east and also this strange haze has that sucked the intensity out of the light. 

     With the sun now setting out west, shooting from the other angle created the most favorable lighting situation.

    I also used the smooth light to go after some more close-ups. Every set, I try to create print worthy files and I definitly see a few coming from this set. 



       We then hit Worth Ave to finish up. Knowing I couldn't top the beach set I didn't drag it out much longer with too many shots.

      Same as always I'll drop some more shots below. Big Thank You to Austin for being patient while I was having computer issues and thank you to you all for the continued support. A lot of you hold me down on Facebook, trust me it doesn't go unnoticed. I have another shoot ready for a write up so we'll see how this week goes....

....until then.... peace!