Aventador S: Lifestyle Edition


          Oh yes! Another one in the books. Supplied by the awesome people over at Lamborghini Palm Beach. Big Apple and myself were able to secure another Aventador S for a shoot. 


          When BAM first approached me with the project. The original idea was to mimic the lifestyle type scenes in the Lamborghini brochures, but with a palm beach feel. Getting the cars for each shoot was the first hurdle. Once we gained some rhythm with the shoots, the next mission was securing a model. My good friend Jonny instantly came to mind. Well, it really was a no brainer, the fellas in the Lambo books looked like his cousins, haha! 


          It's crazy how much things change when you add a human subject. My shoot style, settings and angles all had to be different. This was also the first time in a while that I've shot a male with a car. In all other cases it was an attractive girl looking sexy on the car in some way. In this case, I wanted Johnny to look like the owner. A young, but serious man enjoying a warm afternoon in Palm Beach. Safe to say he nailed it right?  


          The afternoon was definitely warm, more like hot! Luckily this location had a huge shadow casted from the buildings parallel to the water. It took a few runs but once we got the groove going it didn't take long to grab good shots. I also knew we were on the mark when random people passing by would ask me if he was the owner. 

          Satisfied with what was captured, we then headed over to Worth Ave to change it up a bit. This portion of the set has my favorite shots of the afternoon. Jonny was a little tense in the beginning, but that all changed once he was more comfortable with shooting. He really owned it here. Good job!!!

         I really wanted some good shots with him inside the car. We tried earlier out by the beach and that batch didn't look right. With Jonny's increased confidence and comfort I knew it was worth a second attempt. I always have a vision or idea of how I want the shots to look but I wont know if I captured it right until I apply post production. They turned exactly how I wanted. 

          Again, satisfied with what we got, we headed to one more location. I stole some rollers on the way. I'm not going to lie, I always get a little jealous watching BAM drive the cars. I am dying to drive one. It's better he does though, I'm not sure if I would be able to behave myself. I get to drive some of the cars I shoot so I can't be too bothered, but an Aventador S is definitely one that's on the top of my list.  

        The original plan was to do one more set with Jonny. After arriving to the location I knew we couldn't top what we captured earlier. We decided to wrap it up by quickly capturing some lone shots of the car.  

          Maybe it's the design, or maybe people know it's an Aventador. It commands a higher level of respect and I'm not sure why. We had the Blue Cepheus Huracan and were scoffed at a couple times as we drove around. I assumed it was the color but that wasn't the case here. I'm pretty sure we would have gotten kicked out with any other car, but they let us shoot without hesitation.  Busy because of a detour, we blocked traffic, no one seemed bothered at all. 

          I had a blast on this project, and learned a lot. Big shouts to BigAppleMagic and the Lamborghini Palm Beach team for pulling through with another amazing car. Major thanks to Jonny for killing it with the shoot. He showed up on time, dressed properly and took this shoot way more serious than I expected. I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to create these shoots and can't wait for the next one. Stay tuned!!! And as always I'll leave some extra shots even though this write up was lengthy. Thank you all for the continuous support! Much love. Hughes.

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