Blu Cepheus Huracan

          I'm starting to grasp the trend now. The infamous Brain, a.k.a. BIGAPPLEMAGIC, doesn't yet get the concept of a time frame, well not with me yet. Then he makes it impossible to say no when he tells me we can take this one out west to my good 'ol overused area. Sorry it has yet to fail me. 

          I've always wanted to shoot an exotic car out here. We are normally limited to the downtown area, but the boss was feeling nice and gave us the opportunity to take it out of town. I was a bit disappointed when the heavy clouds covered the entire west region of the sky. Which meant no golden hour. The even light of the calm afternoon made up for it though. It's honestly how I prefer to shoot. I get more time to focus on the detail without constantly changing settings since the light fade is slower and more even.

          Typical Lamborghini form had the brake calipers matching accents of the interior. Unlike the spyder I shot a few weeks back. There is less orange overall in the interior which makes it a little easier on the eyes. Still not a color I would select but I can't say I don't like it. 

          On the way to first area we shot, BAM noticed a road for a new development. At his request, we headed there. I didn't really care for it because It just didn't seem to look that good. I was wrong.

          Completely satisfied with what I captured we headed back before it got dark. I was luckily able to catch some rollers before we parted ways.

          Big thanks again to Big Apple Magic and Lamborghini of Palm Beach for providing the vehicle. It is always a pleasure to shoot these cars. We definitely have more planned. Hopefully I can get an Aventador out there soon. Until then, stay tuned. 

- \\ -