Two weekends back I made my way out to Daytona for both Clean Culture and Slammedenuff. Saturday, Clean Culture threw their show at Daytona International Speedway. While rolling in I spotted a beautiful BMW E9 CSL. I knew I had to capture a proper set and in my mission to do so I visited the car 3 different times throughout the day. During the last shoot the crowd and other show cars had cleared out and the sun began to set; creating the perfect opportunity for me to capture the images the way I wanted with minimal distractions.

To be honest, I had no idea what car this is. I knew it was a BMW and that was it. I had a light chat with the owner but I was so fascinated by his custom shift knobs I didn’t ask much about the car. Owner is known as @nostalgic_grains on Instagram. Can you believe I didn’t even get his name? I def slacked this time; anyways, he creates sick custom shift knobs from various materials like epoxy and wood. Even taking things a step further by encasing various items in the epoxy. Peep the lego man shift knob or even more interesting, shredded money!

From my research this is a BMW E9 CSL, I’m not sure of this one is real or a replica , I could care less honestly. I also noticed the word “Batmobile” had popped up in my searches. I found a version in black and I can see why it got that nickname.

The engine makes around 850hp…that is wild. I’m guessing it is a built S52. Sorry I really didn’t ask the right questions. I did get a chance to hear it start up, sounds as mean as it looks. I can imagine how raw this car must feel at full throttle. With such a light and wide chassis, cornering is probably a dream; if you can keep the rear end straight.

It is easy to tell that no detail was skipped and any unnecessary weight has been stripped. A bare bones show quality race car with monstrous horsepower. A car like this I could shoot for hours. Almost every shot I took looks like art. Simple, clean and functional; my favorite type of build. Something I can look at and imagine how awesome it must be to drive.

I have ton of content rolling out this week from both days and a few other shoots. Another 2 show weekend in Daytona is approaching next month. I’ll keep ya posted on that also. Thanks for stopping by…

later, Hughes

Richard Mason Hughes