Boneless Stance


Yeap, another one got me.         

First it was Chaka, with the S14, then Bob's Miata and now Kevin's GT-86. 

      It's a big deal for me whenever I shoot these spaceships because most of the time I cringe when I see them; the driver in me can't stomach that much camber.....


        ...then I sip my haterade and every now and again I can really like one of these setups. 

I've learned to respect what others appreciate, I may never personally do this to a car but I can definitely look past my own reservations and take it in with an open mind. I wish more ppl would do that.


         This car was around me all weekend. It wasn't until late Monday that I really took the time to look at it. Nothing but crappy weather so I didn't care to shoot, but I've been snapping mad rollers lol, so I told Kevin I'll grab some since I've been on a roll..... lmfao. Nicely enough the weather calmed all day; just like Chris' set I didn't have to worry about rain fall.... 

...I'll take it. 


          I didn't shoot a single roller. I was busy doing something else that wasn't important, on the highway. We ended up at a random lot and met with the homie BAM and a few others; then started taking photos of everything. 


          I turned to the 86 and took a random photo. I looked at my cam and said "damn". Jarrett was near by shooting also; he walked next to me and calmly says, "This thing is insane". I agreed and we both went back to shooting it. 

          After a few more I decided I had have it in a proper spot. So I asked Kevin if he could move it out to the center of the lot. Then I really started to like it. The huge wheels are so gangster. The color combo is on point; 'cause I'm all about black at the moment, and he seals the deal with a Vegeta sticker. Dope!

     See what I mean. Best part. It's another photoset I get to suck the color and life out of. I'm painting the 240 black. 

          After moving it one more time, we headed back to the house, re-grouped and decided to hit another location. I missed my chance to get rollers on the way to the lot, then lost him headed back to the house. Light was running out and I knew this was probably my last chance to catch some proper rollers. 

BRUH! They're def proper. 

          ........mmmhmm. I know. 

       I couldn't be happier with this set; especially one that was so random.

   Big Thanks to @bonelesspunk for hanging with us all weekend and allowing me to shoot the car. It was pleasure meeting you brotha! Shouts to @stock_asf_s550 for letting me hang out the window lol. 

     I have a ton of stuff to go through which I'll be posting on the gram during the week. Cars and coffee is this Sunday so I'll be shooting again and plan on posting that set come out!!!  The gram has also been lit lately, thank you for that! I'm working on a wallpaper section, I tried insta but I don't really like it; I'm going back to placing it here.

   Thank you so much for the love and as always I'll drop some more from the set below.

I'll see y'all later....


= \\ =