Cars And Coffee: August 2017


           Thanks to my stepdad I made it to this months Cars And Coffee. After Saturday's late night festivities and only 3hrs sleep, I wasn't in the best shape to enjoy a car show. Add the florida heat, nope. Luckily it wasn't brutal. Light but even cloud cover kept the sun down which quickly changed my mood. That also made it very easy to shoot, so props to him for waking me up.  


         We planned on arriving at 9 but the last leg of the F1 race kept us in the house a bit longer. Arriving closer to 10 we parked and headed straight to the front. I try to navigate every lane from the start and work my way out. I always miss something, so being a bit systematic helps. 

         With this event happening every month, and plenty of regulars, I decided to take the casual route with my shots. Also, I've been forcing myself not to over shoot. I can easily take 500+ photos, then loose my mind later when its time to edit. 

          Cars and Coffee Palm Beach is the most diverse show in Florida. Jdm, Stance, Exotics, Muscle, Lowriders, Lifted trucks, Tons of Classics and anything in between to fit the taste of any enthusiast. It's also when I get to see most of you! Although, you guys killed me this time with the, "did you bring the 240?!?!" question!


          After snapping the VW's, I looked up and saw these 4 Cobras lined across the lot. They had my attention for almost 20 minutes. Definitely the highlight of the show for me. I've always had a love for these and knowing the kits aren't ridiculously priced, makes it a dream car that is obtainable. 

          I regret not finding and chatting with the owners of these beauties. And the gray one is so sick! Imagine a shoot with all of them! 


          I then stopped by the Lamborghini Palm Beach tent to steal some shade and chat it up with BAM, the crew and of course grab some shots of the Lambos. Is the Blue Aventador next feature? Maybe.

          It was a stunning presentation seeing these beauties on the red carpet. We then went hunting for imports. Maybe we didn't look hard enough but, guys, c'mon, what happened? I guess I can't say much since I didn't bring my car and a lot of you I spoke with told me your cars were down also. Sucks. I will begin work on the 240 this week. I've finally accumulated all the parts I need to have her fixed up. The deadline I gave myself is to drive it to the next Simply Clean in November.  

          As people prepared to roll out we headed back to front. Earlier I spotted a green Mclaren at the Liqui Moly tent that caught my eye.


          So this is USP Motorsports 570s, LAWD! (insert omg emoji here) The Mantis green combined with carbon fiber everywhere is eye catching. I haven't spared enough time to really get to know the Mclaren brand but clearly these are amazing cars and I have to change that. 

          Oh so good. Maybe I can work something out with USP. I would love to have a session with this beauty.


          I eventually ended up at the intersection to catch a few more as they rolled out. It was a good time! It's always great seeing everyone and meeting new people. John has blessed Palm Beach with this event. Very few places have something this large and this consistent. The next one is a month away, until then, adios! 

- \\ -