Dave's CLS-63 AMG

It has been approximately one month since my last posting. I’m back to the 9-5 for the next few months and with consistent work, 40 of my hours are now gone every week. This round, it isn’t a dealership job like the last so getting steady content is now a challenge. On the upside, I’ve now been able to focus on client work and I’m also preparing to refresh and update the site with changes. More on that another day; until then take a look at Dave’s CLS. With my free time so short now we managed to have a quick meet up on a very gloomy day. Heavy cloud cover and a high chance of rain kept the sky gray.

Dave hired me to grab a full set of his beautiful Mercedes CLS-63 AMG. With adult decisions in the making it’s time for the HRE’s to go so he can recoup some capitol for a larger investment. A final photo set on them was a must have for Dave; I can see why.

The matte black 19’ HRE P43SC’s were accompanied by a lower stance, and a body garnished with RW carbon fiber accessories. The entire exterior had aggressive yet simple styling; function and form came to an agreement here.

Being the more aggressive model of the CLS line, the 63 AMG makes 550hp and almost the same in torque from factory. Power is created by a 5.5 liter, twin-turbocharged V8 delivered through a 7-speed transmission. A stage one tune and intake upgrades has Dave’s CLS making a bit more than stock with more add-ons in the works.

With every shoot, there are specific aspects that I always embrace. Whether it’s the type of atmosphere, the adventure of the day or in this case; a final set of photos I love. For some reason, no matter the model, Mercedes Benz interiors shoot very well. I learned this from my dealership work having to shoot multiple European cars. Many of them being various Mercedes models. Never a CLS though.....or Mclaren. Not good.

Shooting the interior was challenging due to the low light. With so much black I needed to pull in as much natural light as I could to avoid noise issues later on. Dave specifically requested a proper interior set and I wanted to deliver just that.

I can’t take too much credit, Mercedes placed more than enough details throughout leaving the creative canvas wide open. The carbon fiber was offset with polished aluminum pieces that reflected enough light to accentuate the details. Dave added a few minor touches like the leather performance wheel and a neat change to the dash interface which matches it to the interior and gauges perfectly.

Well done Dave. I now have another nice one added to the faves list. From the smooth yet aggressive exterior styling to the refined and sophisticated interior, Dave’s CLS-63 AMG is one neat package. The HRE’s will be gone, regardless I Iook forward to creating another set soon.