Dirty Tires With Miss Gee


     Wassup people?!?!?! I've been slacking with getting car show photos up. Sadly I can't come to a conclusion as to how I want that section to look and feel, add that to all the craziness; here we are still rolling with the auto section. *shrugs*

So check it. 



      I hit the Clean Culture show in Orlando last weekend. I missed it last year so I was happy I made it out this time. Got to cruise up driving the M3, so that's a plus. Show was dope, new faces, new cars, old friends; all the reasons why I love going to shows. 

      Sometimes, a dope shoot randomly happens too.


One of the new faces I met this weekend was @andreea_gee and her mean 5.0. It's manual so you already you know I like it. Also, It's been a long time since I've shot some muscle.

   Gotta switch it up.

*blurry rollers just cuz*

      One of my top things to do whenever I visit a different city; is to try and get at least, one full shoot. It can be tricky esp when time is against us and we have no idea where to go.

     After the show we gassed up....heheh....then headed out. The three of us were ready to go home but decided to drive around for a few minutes to see if we could find a spot. I wanted to link up with others but everyone dipped out 30mins away...north. Nah. 


       It honestly didn't seem like we were gonna find anything good. Daylight savings didn't provide an epic sunset, and nothing around looked unique enough, everything was boring; until we passed this lot! 

       Jarrett was leading in the e30 and as soon as I looked ahead he was already making a U-turn.



We rolled in, and dust went everywhere.

          That dirt we drove on wasn't packed down; soft as shit like pixie dust and floated up with minimal effort. Her car was covered by the time she parked. And her tires, done; dirty AF.

Why did you have to climb so far up the tire walls fam? 


      After noticing how everyone always had some silly joke, I knew the dirty tires would be a hot topic.

     My screen is old, so I really can't tell, but can you see the dust particles all over the car too?

Please say yes... -___-

        I'm glad we didn't waste time doing any cleaning. Shortly after arriving, we were scoping out the lot and noticed maybe 30-40 cop cars parked next door. Oh snap! Then, some dude rolls up in a F-150 that looked too small for him. He was cool and said we could shoot but don't be surprised if we get kicked out.

I ain't wiping shit....




          ....seeing this thing laid out, surrounded by huge machines and even larger piles of dirt was pretty sick. I knew we couldn't top this spot, and the hwy was less than 2 mins away.


Yeah we're shooting. 



      I am cheesing as i'm writing this; so damn good! The look and feel is exactly what I would have wanted for this type of shoot, esp with a black car.

Sometimes too much light is not a good thing.

          One of the things we noticed, is every time she aired out the pixie dust we were on floated up like crazy. Legit looked like the car was shooting fog from underneath. 

       I asked her to move it around to sit closer to the truck. As she is setting up, the sky opens and the sun peaks out. She starts airing down and the sound makes me look at the car and I see the dust kicking up around it and soaking up the light.

       I slap the cam to my face and start clicking. I do a quick check and they're all a mess and blown out. I turn up some more shutter speed and catch 2 more just as the dirt started to clear. 



I couldn't recreate that if I tried.

      Well I did try and failed. 

       When I saw the image on the screen, I told her to do it again. No biggie...


      ....uh, looks good, but not quite right... ok again....



I like this, interesting effect...cool but, lets try again. 


.....close but still no. 

          The first shot was just perfectly timed.

The wind happened to be blowing the dust back, but not too hard, so it stayed around long enough from me to catch it with the car bottomed out. The sun peaked out of a huge cloud; just for a few seconds and never came back. I shot the next few photos moments after and got different results....damn. 


         Well, that's pretty much it, I'm done yappin', Ill drop some more from the set underneath, Ill also drop some e30 shots in there too since I have no where else to put em. 

It was a pleasure meeting you and hanging out over the weekend Andrea, you car def gets the RMH seal of approval. Good job!

        Until the next one ppl, Ill see ya when I see ya. Thanks always. 

Nuff love...


=  \\ =