Dusty's S13 Silvia (remastered)

          So @_schassis hit me up! Good friend Damian got the page back!! Anyways he needed some content and reached out. Say no more fam! I was honored to provide the homie from down under some content. I need to find a away out there. 

BTW!!! I'm on the hunt for all things 240!!! Let's shoot!

I instantly knew I wanted to send him this set. I then decided to re work the edit for some strange reason. Keeping it dark, but adding color in places that seemed dry. I really liked the end result. I really wish I captured more but that was one of the quickest sunsets thanks to the cloudy day. Maybe a reshoot is in order Dusty?

Anyways, check em out!

Appreciate the love and support!!! Thank you!

- \\ -