Geo's Mustang



       As most of you know, @jbbrock2 and myself have spent many weekends shooting, just to shoot. Hunting for unique locations and hanging on a chill Sunday evening is what we are always after. 


          I've wanted to shoot Geo's car for a while now. I'm still all about black so it was a must. I originally wanted to shoot out west in the open to reduce the reflections. Instead, we decided to use two locations that we have only been to once before.

Location 1: The Street

     First stop was an area that is always empty on a Sunday. Sometimes we are in locations that require permission.


       Obviously we rarely get that and risk having the police called. Out here its just an open public street. No worries about trespassing. They parked on the side to figure where I wanted to place the cars. Once they got out, I just started shooting. 

       Devin joined us also. His wrap color is something else. He always finds a way to stand out; wonder what he's up to next?

      I posted more of his set in The Bakers Dozen. Click Here to check them out. 

I asked Geo to move his car to the other side of the street; I switched to my zoom lens to mix things up a bit. I'm very happy with the results.

Location 2: The bridge

    Time didn't give us the luxury to shoot for long. We hit the road and headed to our second location. 

     The light was nice and not intense. No complaints...but...didn't really love them. They're awesome shots, but not 100% the feel I was personally looking for. These are the type I would deliver to a client. Good light, so I know for a fact I can edit them without problems. Comfortable.


         I started snapping shots of the e30 and the Lexus after Geo's. The few moments I messed around the light fell really quick. I wasn't sure if I would get this set up to post worthy quality due to the lack of light.

I was wrong. 

I love the way the car looked. The low light gave me the feel I was after. 

So I shot Geo's car again. 

Perfect. I've wanted to post a shot from that set so bad! Beyond happy with the way they turned out.

     Thanks for hanging out Geo and Devin! Click the names for the grams. 

More shots are down below and don't forget check out Devin's Bakers Dozen post here!

Thanks again. Same time tomorrow...