After Hours with The Huracan Evo


If you haven’t already heard, Lamborghini has recently added another variant to the Huracan line; The Huracan EVO. Equipped with the same engine as the Perfomante, upgraded aero and the brand new LDVI system, the EVO offers more than subtle design changes. Thanks to Brian (BigAppleMagic) and the team at Lamborghini Palm Beach, I was able to exclusively shoot the car in their tech area, under the condition I would not release the photos without permission. This is also the first and last complete set ( for now ) that I’ve shot with the strobe. I recently sold it to handle other endeavors so there will be some time before I have another in my possession. I’ve also decided to go into more detail about the car to add some more substance to the post.


Approaching the end of a work day, I glimpsed a tow truck pulling into the rear lot with a bright orange car on the bed. Earlier in the day, I did hear talk of an EVO potentially arriving at some point during the week. Once I saw the color in the distance, it immediately clicked as to what car was on the back of the truck so I quickly made my way over.

If I’m not mistaken this was the first one to hit Florida, and maybe even the first in the U.S.. That is a pretty bold claim so do not hold it against me. I’m only making that assumption because I was informed on more than one occasion not to release any video or photo without approval. It was hard not to, but I like my relationship with LPB so I kept the content in the archives. The car was there on a pitstop before heading off to another location for a special display. I assume it arrived at the ports in Miami, and LPB was the chosen dealership to prep and house it for a few days.


Once I learned the EVO was only there for a limited time, 48-72 hrs, I new I had to acquire a photoset. The car had to stay hidden from the general public which meant an outdoor shoot would not transpire; an indoor shoot after-hours, was the only option. Years ago, I was invited to shoot the Performante when the first one hit Florida. Back then I used light painting to capture shots in the dark ultimately never releasing the set. Fast forward a few years later and I’m back in the same situation with the EVO, this time, better equipped with the strobe and more knowledge.


Most who use this type of lighting strive to create multi layered photos; which delivers a perfectly lit subject. I did create two images that were layered with 4-5 photos to create the final, the rest were shot with the idea of accentuating various aspects of the car. The photo above, is one shot with an edit and below are the two shots with multiple images layered on top of each other.

The lack of reflections gives the car an unrealistic matte look due to my polarizer doing it’s job, but also from the blending of each shot. I also went with a simpler style of edit keeping my focus on ensuring the shots match the set. I still have a lot to learn but I’m ecstatic with how the entire photoset turned out.


What makes the Huracan EVO special is the new LDVI system combined with the Performante engine and upgraded aero. The Lamborghini Integrated Vehicle Dynamics (LDVI) is a brand new system developed to for-see the drivers actions and make adjustments in real time. Additionally all the electronic systems have been updated for the EVO.

The most noticeable change to the interior is the addition of the new Human-Machine Interace (HMI). Lamborghini removed the traditional button layout and added a 8.4” touch screen. This interface can display the LDVI system showing the torque vectoring applications and the All Wheel Steering system (AWS). The AWS allows the car to be energetic at lower speeds, even purposely kicking the rear out under heavy acceleration to add excitement. At a higher velocity it does the opposite to increase stability all up to the 202mph top speed. Outside of that, minor changes were made throughout but it retains the original Huracan feel.

The exterior also has a few changes, not only did they upgrade the design but the aerodynamics have also been improved. The front bumper has a lower cutout and flaps which has increased the downforce to 5 times more than the original Huracan. The new rear wing also improves aerodynamic capabilities and increases stability at higher speeds.

Another change was the addition of the Performante engine. A spruced up naturally aspirated, 5.2 liter V10 which makes 630hp and 443 ft/lb of torque. The same exhaust was also used and if you have heard a Performante, in Corsa, you know it’s simply majestic. More design changes can be seen with V10 badge displaying the engine firing order.

The Huracan EVO offers daily driver elegance with a touch of Performante aggression, all available at the push of a button. With improvements to the aerodynamics, computers and engine the EVO is definitely an evolved version of the amazing Huracan. Though rushed, this shoot is one I am quite proud of. This is the only full set I have ever done with the strobe before selling it so this set takes a special place in my heart. Major thanks to Brian for staying late with me and helping with the shoot and thanks to Lamborghini Palm Beach for facilitating the shoot and trusting me with the content. I’ll post more from the set below and stay tuned for the next post.