Jacob's Z


          Hello!!! Whats up people?!?!? How's 2018 treating everyone so far??? I think we can all agree it has started really wild. So sad what happened on valentines day. Prayers and thoughts to those hurt and my condolences to the ones lost. Such a shame.

     Moving in a positive direction.

     Im still blogging on this thing, I guess. I almost closed the account at the end of the year but thanks to the earnings from messing around with bitcoin, I was thankfully able to get way ahead at the end of 2017, but, we will get deeper into that on another post one day.

     I've spent a lot of time fine tuning the look and feel of the site. I am still not 100% happy with it so this is the only section that will work.

     For now.

     What's more important is Jacob's 300ZX.



     It's so clean. I know I hype over ever car I post. Just know it doesn't lose its value over time. This car hit home because it was one of the ratchets I used to street drift with years back. Most of the crew no longer have their original vehicles from that time. Me, Jacob and maybe 2 others.


     Unless more wanna prove me wrong.


     Like my old beat to shit 240sx, this car has gotten the same treatment; driven hard and wreckless. Last time I saw it, the car bounced off the tire wall at pbir. 

     ..look at it now. Damn near perfect. I have no excuse to finish my 240 now; just as clean.   



     Jacob caught me off guard big time. Most were under the impression he sold it. I figured it rotted away like mine. Im casually strolling through the ASM show and there it was. I couldn't believe it! I knew we had to shoot, so Jacob and I agreed to set something up a few months down the road. I posted the shot above and a few others on facebook and the post blew up! Same on instagram! I was really dormant so to get this much attention I knew we had to shoot like.....now!


     So the following weekend we linked up...

     I took him out to one of my usual spots that has yet to fail me. I was really worried about the crabby weather at first. I wanted a sunset shoot, but knowing how bad I can procrastinate, I had to get this out of the way.

     Once I started shooting though, I quickly realized how the color of his car worked really well with he gloomy weather. And in post production, it took my edits so easily. Man, I wish every shoot went this smooth. 

     How dope is the pinstripe?!?! So neat. Im really proud of Jacob for keeping this car together. He finally rang my ears with good news on an engine swap so a part 2 is hopefully underway. Video? 

We shall see. But for now, ill drop a few more randoms from Jacobs shoot. Stay open for the eurotripper and Asm mall sets. Im separating car shows from the AutoBlog section. I'm pushing myself to cover more shows this year so the frequency will be there, but, I have a whole new web section to build to match this one. Sigh.

As always, thanks for the support!!! I have a few of you who always jump to read as soon as I drop a post, and sometimes thats why I continue. Thanks so much everyone! 


= \\ =