Lamborghini Urus

...random statement.


     After shooting the Performante Spyder last month, I figured it would be a long time before the next collaboration. The weather has been a mess and my free time has slowly dwindled making it hard to randomly shoot. I have to plan everything, even hanging with friends, in efforts to keep everything balanced. 


     I scheduled a shoot with the Apache in boca for the late afternoon that day. BAM messaged me fairly early asking if I would like to shoot the Urus. He then tops it off by mentioning the stable I've been dying to shoot at. I've previously missed two other calls and began kicking myself knowing this may be the third. I told him, "I'll see what I can do." Sadly there was no way I could squeeze in the shoot before heading to Boca. 

        The only way I would be able to do that, is if Pete decides to move the Apache shoot. I messaged him before rolling out to see if we were on schedule and he did exactly that. That is when he dropped the idea to catch the sunrise, which turned out to be one of the best moves yet. Check out that set here. 


       I called BAM immediately after and told him I can make it there in 45mins. He responded by telling me a purple Huracan would be waiting for me at the gate. Ok Mr. Flyguy.  I grabbed my gear and I was out. 

Royal Entrance

    BAM was not lying. His co-worker Chris, cool dude by the way, was waiting at the gate for me with a Huracan Performante. The color is Viola SE30, and would be my third Performante if I shot it. As most of you know,  I'm on a mission to shoot every color. Why? No idea, but I will have all the Huracan colors one way or another! So far Lamborghini Palm Beach and BAM have been beyond generous in providing the availability to these cars.  


     Chris has all the cool points just from simply parking it right. I was able to capture a few before heading to the barn. He then went back and repositioned it. Making it a breeze to sneak a few more in later on. I made a Bakers post; if you would like to see more of the Huracan. Click Here.

First Impression


     Located behind the garages where we parked, was the huge stable that house the polo horses during season. I've only seen places like this from the outside. This location was the Santa Rita Polo Farms in Wellington. I was impressed with the cleanliness and how tidy the grounds were kept. These types of layouts make great backgrounds for photos. Sadly no horses were here; hopefully I can re-visit during season. Imagine the sunsets! I made my way to the front entrance and parked in front was the Urus. 


        I stared at it for a few minutes while getting acquainted with everyone. I could tell from early on that it would photograph well. Lamborghini labels it as the first ever Super Sport Utility Vehicle. With a 650hp, twin turbo V8; this is the first time Lamborghini has offered a consumer vehicle with forced induction. Driving it wasn't an option so a part two downtown is what I'm after next.

     The rear takes the cake. I still expect a bulky look with a SUV platform. Huge ten piston calipers and 17in rotors fill the 21in wheels on this euro spec model. U.S. deliveries are expected this fall. 

Inside The Stable


     Inside the aggressiveness of the front took shape and I appreciated the design more. The paint, called Bianco Monocerus is probably the purest white I have ever shot. I spent the next few moments slowly working my way around the Urus. 

     The many intricacies in the design gave me plenty to shoot. I wanted to showcase all of the pieces that caught my eye and pushed for multiple angles. With time running out I captured a few more and we wrapped up the shoot. 

Wrap It Up

I then had it moved it back out side to capture a few more before loading it on the the truck.

     Offered as the first Super Sport Utility vehicle I'm curious to see what type performance the Lamborghini Urus has to offer. Designed to be bold yet nimble the Lamborghini claims this delivers the best of both worlds. Until then, I can only admire the design and amazing location I had the pleasure of shooting. Brain, Thank You! I will say it over and over and will continue to share my gratitude no mater how repetitive I become. Thanks to Chris and the Lambo Palm Beach team for having me yet again. I hope you all enjoy the shots and I'll be seeing you all at Cars and Coffee...DON'T MISS OUT!