Here’s another quick one. With time against me and a very busy day I wasn’t able to capture any outside shots during the day. Without any knowledge on how long the truck will be at the dealership. I made the most out of the situation. Hopefully I’ll get another chance later on next year.

Yesterday, I arrived at work to find a Lamborghini LM002 parked outside. I love the Urus, and with most cars I do some research to keep my facts straight. While searching the interwebs for knowledge on the Urus, I stumbled on what is Lamborghini’s first attempt at making a SUV.

The LM002 wasn’t the first SUV they made. Lamborghini started the project to create military grade vehicles. They eventually choose to target the consumer market. The first version, the LM001 had a rear mounted V8 Chrysler engine. The engine location created odd handling forcing Lamborghini engineers to completely redevelop the chassis.

Not only did they move the engine to the front, they also used the Countach V12 making 450hp fed by a huge 77 gallon tank. The exhaust sound is insane. Not something you expect to hear from a SUV of that era. The tires are massive 345/60/17 Pirelli Scorpions wrapped around 17x11 O.Z. Wheels.

The idea was to create a luxury high performance off road vehicle. Inside, leather and premium sound were standard options. Alpine speakers in the roof and a sub-woofer set between the rear seats

In 1988 Lamborghini set out to compete in the Paris Dakar Rally. A lightweight tuned up 600hp version was built; unfortunately they ran out of funding and the truck never entered the race. It did compete in greece at a smaller event later on. Unfortunately it was pulled from the race shortly before reaching the finish line.

Image Source: https://hiconsumption.com/2017/10/lamborghini-lm002-rally-car/

Image Source: https://hiconsumption.com/2017/10/lamborghini-lm002-rally-car/

It looks like a Lada VTS on steroids. I wonder what would have happened if Lamborghini was able to compete and finish. I guess we will never know. There are a few more shots from the shoot below. I’ll do my best to capture another set of the LM002 hopefully soon. Until then see you next time…


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