Overdue Set


           I was pretty stoked when I got the call to finally reshoot the M4 GTS. Then it got even better news when he asked me if we could shoot both. Yes, yes we can. Since this post is so overdue, its sad to say, the M2 is gone. In light of that, the GTS may or may not have gotten some upgrades and another shoot is in the works.....maybe. Until then, here are the shots from one of my favorite locations. I've been abusing it lately but it never fails to produce the best results.  

          I positioned the M2 behind me, and shot both cars simultaneously. I wanted them to have their own unique scenery, then shared when I put them together. With the M4 being the main car, I spent more time getting the missed details from the first shoot. 

          Track inspired wouldn't be true without a bare interior. Just the driving necessities here. The roll bars in the back block the roof light and the bright red extinguisher box lets you know they meant it. 

          I quickly switched to the M2 knowing I didn't have much time with the sunset.

          The hard part was getting them to look good together. It took way more time to gather these shots. Honestly, it was my first time shooting two cars together. Eventually things started to move easier and in good time, because the sun set shortly after. 

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