Palm Beach Urus

The last time I was here I posted the brand new Urus shot out in Wellington. It was so new we weren’t allowed to take it for a drive. So far all of the shoots involved some sort of drive time; we already new a second shoot was coming real soon.


At this point we means me and BAM. Who else? After some chatting at Cars and Coffee we set a date to get another shoot in so I could get a chance to see what the Urus has to offer. Just like my last few shoots I wanted to shoot early to get some sunrise action. We also agreed to drive around more and use multiple locations versus sitting in one place and over shooting. Couple quick snaps and we kept it moving.


First stop was good old Palm Beach. I plan on abusing this spot. No idea why; so far it has yet to disappoint. I opted for a later sunrise shoot due to the darker color. After shooting the Bianco Monocerus Urus I looked at the color options and wanted to shoot the Grigio next. Black or Nero Noctis to be specific, is now in my sights. Hopefully that is a sunset shoot.

At this point you may be wondering what I think of the Urus. I absolutely love it! To put into perspective how much I love it. I would buy this over a Huracan. Yeah, I like it that much. The traffic made our shoot time even shorter so we moved to the next spot.


Im not living a 200k lifestyle but it fits into exactly what I need right now…hear me out.

I need something to carry my equipment, at this point it’s starting to add up and more is on the way. Next, its fast. half the time I’m chasing cars way faster than mine it would be nice to keep up. With a 600+hp Twin-turbo v8, I’ll have no problem there. Lastly it fits in. I feel I can take it anywhere and either be respected or people won’t really care. Sometimes that can make or break if I get into a location or pick up a shoot.

For the 2nd time the traffic quickly made us move and at this point I was ready to hit downtown to get some shots with the buildings. I wanted to see how it would look on the city streets and to also grab some pans.

Keeping the momentum I shot a few quickly while its was parked, as I knew the empty street wasn’t going to last long. It was also very hard for me to post the last two with the pole. I will posting snaps of me taking them out next week. I also used this time to grab the pans; which turned into my favorite shots of the set. If I were to ever show someone the Urus for the first time. These are the type of shots I would use.

I plan on printing a bunch of shot from my favorite sets at the end of the year. A few are definitely coming from this set. The panning shots were almost too easy. Traffic did the opposite for us. Not a single soul drove through as BAM took a few laps allowing me to get consistent shots. With pans consistency is important as the slower shutting speeds leave less room for error.

I wanted to shoot the interior to end our session. We hit a nearby parking garage so I could have the time time open it up and not worry about people or traffic.


If there is one combination that will never fail it’s this one. The saddle color with a gray exterior always hits the eyes right. Why do you think Jarret’s E30 is so righteous? I always expect an amazing interior with SUV’s. It could be a Honda pilot for all I care. I better sit inside and say wow.

Everything had a unique yet creative touch that all worked perfectly with each other. The same feel from those elements and features flow to the exterior creating a complete package. Maybe that is what it is. A sense of balance and refinement. The power delivery is strong but not over bearing. It’s presence will be known without flamboyance. The ride is comfortable and the interior designs will always keep your eyes stimulated anytime you’re inside. A complete package. I respect it.


Richard Mason Hughes