Performante Spyder

....not really sure what the mission is. 

I'm thinking of making a book, calendar or print series of all the Lambo shoots at some point. What do you think?



    It's honestly pretty cool that I've shot this many Lamborghinis. BAM and the Lamborghini Palm Beach team have been beyond generous with their loyalty.


      I shot the Performante Coupe Last year. I have yet to release that shoot. To ensure that doesn't happen again I made sure this set didn't linger too long.  

Location 1

     I was ready to shoot this thing. Knowing that the constant ugly days were behind us; it was time to embrace brighter shoots. Days are longer and the Florida sun is brutal; a 5pm afternoon is still blinding.  

      I've wanted to shoot in the warehouse district for a long time. It was unfamiliar territory; the farthest I've been was to Vandal Warehouse, at night. 

     The idea was to place the car in the opening; not realizing it was a running business that obviously didn't happen. We decided to snap a few on the street but I was already looking for the next move. 

      Most of the time people are annoying when we are working but @__kingpeso and @sho.ku.nin are two cool dudes. Hopefully link with them again soon. They actually knew who BAM was. Homie has clout yet is more humble than most. 


       Behind me, I noticed a small lot. Pavement was fresh, dark and the shadow covered the entire spot. It was a tight squeeze but we worked the Huracan in. I knew I needed detail shots; I took advantage of that here,


     The interior followed the theme by keeping it simple. All black with red stitching and accents. Same carbon finishes as well on the center console and vents.  

Location 2

     Satisfied with what was captured, we rolled out to hunt for another location. It didn't seem very promising until we ended up in a strange part of town. I did not know this was here. I liked the way it looked so we hopped out and snapped a couple. 

         The other reason we ended up here is I happen to notice an opening under the bridge. With minimal room to park on the street we had to tuck the car somewhere so I could investigate further. I also wanted to watch the traffic. 

     It was sketchy, but with some patience and care we slowly worked the car into one of the coolest locations I've ever randomly found.

       When BAM got out and I took a step back; finally soaking it all in, it was perfect. The look, the feel, the colors; everything was just right. 

       Before I go any further I'm going to leave this warning. The tracks are live and you can walk right on them. I know people are going to hit this spot now so be extremely careful! Go at your own risk! Anyways, as BAM parked the Performante a train happened to pass by. We lit up! Figuring it was going to happen again I kept my ears open, listening for the next one. I dragged the shoot out and still no train. We were there for a while and the car had to be back at the dealership. The area is unknown so we aren't trying to hang around with this type of car too long. Calling it quits, we decided we would revisit with another car and have the actual train schedule so we can time it perfectly. I had my camera on the tripod pointed at the car, me and BAM were looking at the maps on his phone in preparations to roll out; standing no where near the cam because we were also checking out more of the location. We heard it. I looked up and it was flying! I had to sprint approx 3-4 car lengths to get to my camera. Damn thing timed out and shut off. As soon as it booted back up I just let it rip, praying the settings I had were right. It clicked 2 times and stopped. CARD FULL!


     I'm beyond ecstatic with all the shots. The last two made the entire day epic; the feeling when when I loaded the preview and we both saw what I captured is why I do what I do. Hot sun, bugs, all sorts of random sketchiness and getting lost a few times with a car worth more than we can afford made for an interesting day. 

More shots below;  I already have another set ready.

Not a lambo this time so stay tuned...