The Marrone Eklipsis Diablo

Hello peeps.

With the SVJ set postponed, I needed to get something up on the site. As much as I would love to post that set I’m not completely happy with it. Most sets I spend the time to complete start to finish; even if it takes all day. In some cases, I take a break or pass out but get right back to it until it’s done. I feel my edits turn out better that way and I find errors sooner. I began uploading photos and kept finding small issues that I need to attend to. With that being said, I’ve been looking for something worthy to keep the blog and site rolling. I shot a beautiful 458 Speciale but for some reason I haven’t touched that set. The following day this Diablo showed up.


I’ve seen the Diablos before but nothing like this. Something about it had my attention. The following day after delivery, I got the chance to shoot it. The initial shoot was for the Lamborghini PB website so we can get her sold. When taking those shots, I have to go in and out of every car thoroughly. So it’s hard not to connect with one in some way and as most of you know the obvious, I love cars. I love older cars with manual transmissions even more.


With every shoot I have to move the cars around to capture specific shots and place them back in their home on the lot. Nothing impressive but I try to get the most out of each occasion especially with ones as rare as this. Older cars always fascinate me, and clean examples like this bring you back in time. I’ll never be able to step on a showroom floor and see five brand new Diablos ready for sale.


I did further research after the shoot out of curiosity. I had no intention on posting a write-up, but this car is special. Audi took ownership of Lamborghini back in 1998. They wanted to make a bold statement and chose to make one final version of the Diablo to close production of the iconic super car and to also introduce new advances. This is the Lamborghini Diablo VT 6.0 SE. Only 40 were made, 20 in Oro Elios to represent the Sunrise and 20 in Marrone Eklipsis seen here, representing the sunset. I would assume the gold represents new beginnings and this maroon, representing the end of an era.


The car had my attention the moment it arrived and the more I read about it the more I wanted to post it to the site. The inside received upgrades and refinement. Carbon fiber panels and rich brown leather with tan highlights create a luxury yet serious feel. DVD Navigation and Premium audio were also added. Sitting so low to the ground with a huge V12 behind me was intimidating. I can imagine how crazy this car must feel flat out. A short ratio gearbox and an upgraded 6.0 Litre V12 making 550hp, made this car capable of 200+ mph.

The engine bay provides even more eye candy. The bright gold magnesium intake manifolds immediately grabbed my attention. Used to save weight, they also offer stunning visuals. The designers put some serious thought into balancing the old with the new. With further inspection you can find the various sensors and connections tucked away that feed info to the ECU. During a cold start each cylinder is shut off by the computer for a preliminary check and when complete, the resulting exhaust note change is the confirmation.

Shortly after the regular web shots the sun began to set. With the end of the day moving slow and I also had to wait for help to get it back in the showroom; I used the moment to capture more shots of various details. I doubt I’ll have the opportunity to shoot this car in a better location. Imagine taking it out west though! The drive alone would be epic.

Some can’t wait to mention that they used 300zx headlights. I find no issue here since I love Nissan anyways, ha. And all these cars use parts from other manufactures to this day. Just like our beloved iPhones which have Samsung parts. I stared at this car a lot. It was simply fascinating, I wasn’t the only one who felt the same way as various iPhone photographers interrupted my already too short of a shoot.

I couldn’t blame them, the presence it creates attracts anyone who comes within eye contact. After learning more about the history I’m glad I did not skip on a shoot. Some said this is #1of 20, I have yet to verify that. No matter where it falls in the line up, this is still a very rare and significant piece of history. Just getting a feel for the clutch to move it around was amazing. Working at Lamborghini Palm Beach has been awesome. I’ve worked a few jobs now and this is hands down my favorite of all time. I’m stressing over my loss of time as all my plans have been slowed significantly but having access to shoots like this are once in a lifetime. I’ll post more of this beauty below and here is a link ( click here ) to a quick walk around video I captured at the dealership. It’s also my first voice over; I realize that is a very important aspect to content I’m trying to create. As always thank you all for everything and thank you to BAM and the Lambo Palm Beach team for accommodating me. I’ve created a huge archive of shoots over the years and I cannot thank you enough.

‘till next time…peace.