The Canoli Slider


                    Whats good peeps? I finally got a chance to lock in a shoot with Chris, after over year of saying I would. Timing was good though; he recently got the wheels and they are definitely a nice come-up from the prior set. 


          Florida also had some perfect timing. This bi-polar-random-all-over-the-place weather has really made the last few days annoying. The days we planned to meet would rain out, and the days we missed or got tied up..... were clear.

            Hopefully we get lucky this weekend because...... 


                ....not only do we have the Stancenation Show Sunday but Jarrett, Brian and myself came together and co-ordinated a pre-meet with Elvis of Stancenation and the Bolay team. Major thanks to Elvis and Bolay for allowing us to put it all together, definitely excited for this weekend!!!


           Ok, back to our regular scheduled program... 

The Canoli Slider. 


           Finally we got a clear day; just enough for me to shoot and not worry about rainfall. We met at Jarretts place and then rolled out to the first spot that came to mind. Jarrett proposed the location, ironically starting the sentence with "you may not like this spot but...".

               As soon as he said the location, I cut him short with "let's go" and started moving to the door.


          Sometimes I envision a specific angle or look and feel; when he said "the parking garage", a dark, overly contrasted photoset came to mind.  

        We hit the roof first so I could play around with the reflections. Everything about the lack of color was perfect. I couldn't wait to get home and suck even more color out. 


             Shouts to @feeels30 for the photo bombs lol.

A proper set is coming soon, once the weather clears up. 

    I looked over the bars and asked Chris to move the car down. I love the grungy industrial feel. I've been after that look in more of my shoots now; putting the car on the ramp gave me exactly that.

          So many goodies. Thanks to the even light from the ugly weather I was able to create the depth I desired. 

I didn't over shoot this round but I'll drop a few more. 

        Thanks to Chris for working with me and the weather and shouts to Jarrett for whipping me around for the rollers. 

 Don't forget, this Saturday is the Official Stancenation Florida Pre-Meet! Give @stancenation and @eatbolay your support and huge thanks to them both for working with us. 

Sunday is the Stancenation show at the Palm Beach Convention Center; I'll be there so I hope to see you all!

...til' next time.

Hughes out!

= \\ =