Welcome to the new RichardMasonHughes.Com! 



     I told myself at the end of 2017, no matter what; I'm shooting more, going to more events and posting everything. I quickly realized my site was not setup for that. Everything would be piled into one area. Not what I wanted. I took the last few weeks and spent time planning and testing ideas while making changes to the site. It has now dragged on way too far. I felt it was important to brand myself better and I've always wanted a gallery type feel linked to the RMH brand. Thanks to these new images I've been able to get closer to that. All the updates has backed me up tremendously, I have quite a few posts sitting and I need to get caught up. I decided that even though it's not 100%, I'm going leave it open while I continue to work behind the scenes. So some links don't work yet and you'll run into Coming Soon's and Under Construction pages. More on future plans later.

         The major change is with the autoblog. I decided to section it into 3 parts. 


     Features will have the same usual write-ups as before. I now want to increase effort with the details so I can create posts with more substance and I also want increase the frequency of the posts. Posts like this will also be here. I'll post more reports with news, site updates, and anything major happening in....well....hmmm. More to come there... 

The Bakers Dozen

     I'm excited about this section. The Bakers Dozen was created from the need to have a place to post the smaller sets I take. Sometimes I'm at a show and I see cars that I have to take multiple pics of. I've been on jobs shooting and there happens to be a cool car near-by and I'll grab a quick set. These sets normally end up on my facebook or instagram because they aren't large enough for a feature. I rather place them here. Thanks to Jarrett and his witty brain he threw the name out and I immediately loved it. The goal with The Bakers Dozen is to post daily. I'm so backed up right now I can definitely do that. 


      Events will no longer be posted with features. I've grown fond of traveling to different shows. Sometimes they aren't the most fun to shoot but I now try to make an event out of the entire weekend. Hanging out, meeting new people and finding new places to shoot has been the result of every show I've attended this year. I'll keep the banner updated with new events coming, especially the ones I plan on attending. Not only limited to shows but meets and smaller hang-outs will end up here also.


     Traveling nationwide is the current goal; ultimately world wide. I want to see and experience every car and the cultures that they associate with. I want to meet the owners, go to the shops and various meets. I had a completely different agenda when I first picked up a camera. I never thought it would turn into one of the most important aspects of my life. I've given up working 9-5, relationships and my car to pursue my goals.  As someone who loves driving and drifting, not having my 240 on the road has been the most painful part of this entire journey. Luckily, I have amazing friends like Jarrett; getting rip the M3 and e30 in Atlanta was a pleasure. Alex always offers to let me drive his JDM machines and Pete over at Hdwerks never lets me off the hook whenever I stop by. BAM has been a support since day one and the Lambo project has been nothing short of amazing.

Thank You!

     I feel like I say this too much, but seriously; Thank you! It's always amazing when people tell me they visit the site frequently. I've noticed the analytics have increased exponentially recently which was the catalyst for the changes; making this a place you can visit daily. I still have a lot to do but things will be moving a smoother now. I'm excited for the future and again Thank You so much!! Please let me know what you think of the changes!!!

     Click Here to head back to the homepage. Get Low: In The Mall is up! Yes the whole set from January!!! Euro Tripper is next, then we have WekFest Atlanta, Tuner Evo Daytona and Stancenation Florida. Stay Tuned!!!