The Oro Elios Spyder

This picture is straight but not straight at the same time. Messed with my head. You see it?

This picture is straight but not straight at the same time. Messed with my head. You see it?

         Easily my favourite color so far.




         It gets better I promise....

Alright, so BAM did the same ol' crap and texted me Monday afternoon, "Hey, you wanna shoot a gold lambo but right now?"

      Yes, yes I would actually...... -___-

How about, "can you shoot a gold lambo....right now?" Then the answer would be no! 

I was salty! He was posting up snaps and what not; sends me a text later on saying how I should have went and blah blah blah. Im about to key that accord....

     ....he made up for it Tuesday though. Texted me a little bit earlier so I knew he was trying lmfao; to let me know the opportunity showed it self again. 

           I dropped what I was doing. 


So worth it. 

         BAM took me to one of his special locations. Damn son, the light out here was just perfect. Thanks to daylight savings and the nice weather the light was nice and smooth. Normally bright shoots suck with light colors....not today. 

          When BAM said gold, I was thinking of a grandmas Lincoln Town Car gold. It's a Lambo so I was positive it would create attention regardless. As the title stated, the color is actually called Oro Elios; in person, it has a strange subtle flip where it shows a blue green tint. Then about half way into the shoot I found out this unique Huracan's color is a little special.

          Lamborghini of Palm Beach had a small competition amongst the employees. It was simple; design a car by selecting various color options; paint and trim; interior color and stitching; wheels and calipers. After all the designs are submitted, they'll vote on a winner and Lamborghini will build that exact car from factory. 

      Isabella Ramirez, the Customer Care Specialist at Lambo Palm beach, is the artist behind this beauty. She definitely killed it. It wasn't until after editing I realized the interior matched the wheels and brakes. Im all about black interiors and the red stitching is a nice touch.     

       The location was so "Palm Beach", which is almost required. We wanted to hit another location though; switch it up a bit. So we headed to clematis to look like two fools who stole their dad's car for the afternoon. It's easy to tell, we normally have stupid smiles on our faces and giggle at any random exhaust pop. I love how Lambos don't need any effort to do it; just drive and wait lol.

        I've wanted to use the alleys downtown but never did. It's always a hassle dealing with the town during weekday rush hour, which is the time we have done most of our shoots. Sneaking into places and navigating becomes a hassle. Add the fact that these cars cost more than a house; it becomes nerve racking, but I was committed. BAM was starting to make those faces of uncertainty when I pointed down an alley I've been through countless times. It's no secret spot. Just never used it...

        .....a bad road and a tight parking location made sure we took our time to get this car set; at one point I was contemplating on whether or not we should try another spot. Staring at where I wanted the car just seemed like it was worth the effort.


         ....I say it all the time, and I'll say it again....SO WORTH IT!

          It's like I ended up with two complete sets. I'm drooling over these, I've been dying to get some good alley shots and this location crushed it for me. 

          This color photographs so well. I couldn't be happier with the set. I'm working on making prints again and will be looking to use some from here. I've also been thinking of doing a photo book. Maybe one of all the Huracan and Aventador shoots by the end of this year? 

         Although, I thought to myself the other day and I really want to see if I can shoot every color of the Huracan, just to do it. It also would be a nice accomplishment, and that would be the basis of the book. We shall see because thats a long shot, may take years. Lmk what you think. 

       Thanks always to Big Apple Magic for reaching out to me when he can. Being able to work with these cars is a blessing and I couldn't have done it without you. Thanks to the team at Lambo Palm Beach for trusting us with their inventory and a very special Thank You to Isabella for designing that beautiful car. I highly doubt any other color would have shot so well that day. 

      ....till the next one ppls. 

Some ol' routine. Ill drop some randoms.... 

...peace out. Nuff love...

= \\ =