The Verossa : Update's best not to rush.



     What's up peeps? Before the Independence day festivities I locked down another shoot with Nanuti's Verossa. A set of new wheels meant it was time for an update shoot. I'm also after more JDM content now that I have 4 grams to run. With it being a black car it was also one of the reasons I wanted to shoot it again, but with brighter light this time. I've been doing the darker feel mostly due to the weather. Now that Florida is in full bipolar mode we get both; blistering heat or mini hurricanes.   



The Location

     We linked up and headed straight to the location area. The original plan was to visit a lot a friend suggested we check out. While searching we randomly turned up a street that look familiar. After further investigation, I realized it was the same place I shot the LADA last year. 

    It is now way more developed. It took some driving around but we were able to shoot the Verossa in the same area. 

I love locations like this because the layout only lasts so long. Construction is fast so I'm sure in a few short weeks this location will be inaccessible to randoms.  After a few months, houses will be up and that tree line will no longer have a purpose. 

The Updates


      Set of authentic Volk Te37SL's wrapped in random rubber and peaking from behind the spokes are freshly coated Supra calipers up front and the rears painted to match. 

     Very good choices Sir. More pics?

Switch Up

     I force myself to use both lenses on every shoot. So after getting enough with the 50 I slapped on the 75-300. 

I asked him to move it so I could get some different angles. 


     The bugs were so bad, I was already setup to capture photos as he parked the car. I wanted to leave asap. They were swarming around our heads and constantly buzzing in our ears. After he got out I looked up and without hesitation fired one shot which ended up being my favorite photo of the set.


       If your car doesn't make you do that every time you park it.....what's the point? I'm sure he's annoyed I posted him up in work mode but some never understand what we go through just to chase the dreams we have. This shot reminds me of how I used to look at the 240 when it was at it's cleanest. I could park it 30 times for the day and would always look back. 

That's All She Wrote

          The new changes, though subtle, has taken the car up a few notches. He said, he really likes it wants to keep it for a while; psssssch, ok. If he does, expect more shots in the near future. Till then, same ol' routine. Some more shots down below, then it's on to the next one.