Toyota Verossa?

          I never heard of one either. After Alex sold his S15, I knew he would want another project. He sent me some photos of this funny looking car. The exact one you see in this set. I told him "unless it looks as cool as the one in the pics you sent me, I'm not sure I like it." I looked up stock versions of it, and really wondered what in the world Toyota was thinking. I didn't assume he was interested in that exact car, until I got a snap of him picking it up!!! I instantly messaged him, "Let's Shoot!!!"

          It's unique, kinda looks like a pug. The strange look became easier to love once I started to learn more about the car. Toyota made the Verossa from 2001 to 2004. They came in 3 versions the most interesting being the VR25 model. Which came with a factory twin turbo 1JZ-GTE VVTI. 5 speed manual was an option, and yes, it is rear wheels drive. Say no more! Instantly became cool in my book. 

              The Verossa designed to offer the sporty power of the Chaser, the luxury from the Crest and the tidiness of the Altezza. Sadly sales didn't go well, and it seems there aren't many of them out there. I'm sure the odd looks had something to do with it. Whoever set this thing up in Japan clearly saw the potential hidden under the odd design. The kit, the color and the wheels give off that JDM vibe. An aftermarket intercooler fills the lower grill which makes the odd factory nostrils beside each headlight look sick. We all know the potential of the 1J, and where it lacks we also all know a 2j will easily fit. 

          The interior is very neat, nothing obnoxious but feels nicer than most of the jdm cars I've driven. After getting used to the shifter driving it felt easy. Comfortable but not sloppy. Boost went in smooth and it moved pretty quick using half throttle. Shifting was a breeze since the previous owner upgraded the clutch and added a 6speed gearbox. It is ready to be drifted!!! Hopefully my blog grows and I can get crazy with some of these cars, haha! 

          I'm real curious to see what Alex has planned for the Verossa. I'm sure he won't disappoint. I'll definitely drop an updated set if he doesn't sell before then.