Type-R With Ace Custom Signs


          Hello! Hope all has been well with everyone! As for myself, no complaints here. I'm sure most of you have already noticed I've been doing work with Jameel over at Ace Custom Signs. He reached out and requested some help with media since he is such a busy man. I thought I worked a lot, HA! Anyways, with Jameel being a good friend from way back it was an easy yes. 

Part 1: Tint

          With all buzz going on with the Type-R, I was curious to get a chance to judge it for myself. Jameel didn't hesitate to call me when he got his hands on one for some work. It was scheduled to receive a full tint job and a front clear protection film, from Xpel. 


          If you aren't familiar with Ace, they specialize in creating custom vinyl signs for buildings, trucks, cars, you name it. They also do great tint work and now increasing some focus on vehicle wraps. Jameel is no rookie to wrapping. Tesla's come through the shop on a regular basis. The first shoot I did for him was with a 458 Italia, and if you hop on their instagram, @acecustomsigns, you'll see plenty of high end vehicles that have been trusted to them. So theres no questioning the quality of work.    


          Jameel and the crew are pretty much magicians with the the tint. It goes on easy, quick, clean and smooth. I've been here a few times and it's never slow. Normally when I'm shooting the rest of the team is behind me cranking out other customer cars.

Part 2:Film


         After receiving tint, the car was then professionally cleaned by a contracted detailer. This ensures the Xpel film is placed on a perfectly clean surface. With the hood being the most difficult to lay and requiring more than one person, they started there.   

          Computerized precuts are made for the vents, emblems and general shape with a few millimeters of overlap. Since it is a clear film, the trick is to get the product to completely disappear. The hood, fenders, bumper and headlights will be protected. 

Part 3: The Shoot



          After all the detailing and cleaning this thing turn into a mirror. Add the bright 2pm sun with heavy cloud cover, there was no avoiding the reflections. The way things worked out I had no choice but to shoot at this time. Plus this is probably the cleanest the car will ever be. We drove it less than a mile to the shoot location and it was already covered in dust. 


          I finally had a chance to get a proper look at this car. With the doors closed, the paint clean and no one buzzing around, it's the one moment I can be selfish with a car that isn't mine so I can really determine my liking. 


          So far I have mixed feelings on the exterior look of this car, especially with the rear. In black, I like it. I can see it looking decent with a nice drop and proper wheel and tire setup. I saw a gray one, and thats where it changes for me. 

          So many lines and shapes everywhere it becomes distracting to look at in any other color. It all flows better in black and the factory red stripe is a nice touch.

           I like the front a lot more, in any color too. It's aggressive but flows better than the rear. I guess my issue lies in the fact that it looks like a rally car to me. Especially the rear. With the hood scoop, fins on the roof and flared fenders I can see this tearing up rally cross, not nurburging. 

          The interior has a different story. Well done Honda. It's nice. The Type-R red pops in all the right places but isn't an eye sore. The buttons, shifter, gauges and center screen all have a nice feel. I was very impressed with how well the seats feel too. Tight but comfortable. 

          One thing that really caught my attention was the sound. Knowing that Honda made the move to a turbocharged power plant, I was surprised to hear the typical Honda engine note from the inside. It sounded naturally aspirated. 

          Sadly I didn't get a chance to drive this one, so I wont comment on the feel. It definitely had some pull to it but I can only say so much from the passengers seat. Now that boost is involved I'm sure there are a few mad men already trying to blow this thing up! 


          I cannot say it isn't a nice car. Maybe I just need to embrace the styling more since rally-cross and drifting are becoming increasingly influential. Maybe the next one should be 4wd then. As you can see from the cleanliness of these shots Ace Custom Signs did amazing work. I'm starting to wonder if they gave me the car without the Xpel on. Shouts to Mel, the owner of the Type-R, for hanging out with me in the heat and giving me a few pulls, and to Ace Custom Signs for including me on this project. 

          Scroll down to see some bonus shots! I think BAM and I have an appointment with an Aventador tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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