Wynwood Sunset


After playing catch up for almost a month now, I’ve finally made it to sets from early October. Making moves to finally monetize _rmh has been a huge task. The response has been greater than expected which I’m extremely thankful for. To ensure I don’t fail I have to make steps in the right direction as a business vs a hustle. With that being said, the new version of the site will be different again, I know. It gets better every time so bear with me.

The Shoot

Jarrett and I spent the weekend in Miami to hit a special car meet. Photos from that are coming soon. Timing was perfect and we were able to hit Wynwood with the good friend @andreeea_gee. We shot earlier in March and her wheels have changed twice since then. I can’t keep up as the second accidental set hasn’t made it here. I say accidental because I’ve never planned on placing her shots on the site. It just happens.


I don’t mean that in an offensive way. This is so far my favorite mustang to date, but the level of randomness and luck that happens every time; all the way to my edits, play into why they end up here. The location was a street I choose because we had no idea where to go. We planned on hitting Wynwood after the meet, yes. But where, no idea. I like to scope my locations prior. Nope. I also like to have a back up or two or three. Nope.


I was following in the E30 that day. Once I’m driving that car I can care less where we are going, sorry it’s too much fun to drive. So I assumed, Miss Gee, had the fire spot ready for me….or not. The sun started to do that dip thing where every 5 secs it drops lower. Once we got into the Wynwood area they pulled off to the side and looked at me with blank faces. “Ok, so we don’t know where to shoot…you lead?”


Nice. I looked ahead and saw the sun was almost gone. At this point I would have already been setup. Sunsets are unpredictable. The perfect time only lasts 15 or so minutes and then thats it. I drove straight until I reached a barrier. Looked left, looked right. I didn’t like right, so I went left. Street 1, nah……street 2 ……nah, street 3……ok….umm. Park there, and air out. I stepped out of the E30, started shooting while making adjustments as she got out. I was not confident at all with these shots, but I had no time.

When I finally had a chance to edit them after being 48hrs late with my promise. I immediately new I would place them here. I love being in control of the situation. Some of my greatest shots have turned out that way; but the most fun has alway been with the random ones like these. Where we barely make sunset, and shoot at a unplanned location. I’ve been dying to use Wynwood and I’m glad these turned out better than expected.


After a few minutes I asked her to place it in center so I could try and grab the “money shot”. One the reasons I wanted to shoot her car again was to at least top the one from the construction zone set.


That opportunity didn’t happen with the second set of wheels. I figured Wynwood + Sunset = Ka-Boom. I had better equipment and some new skills I wanted to try so if I had the right situation I could kill it. Welp……didn’t happen. With her car in the canter I decided to use the tripod to grab a steady shot. Also rotate the oh godly polarizer and shot multiple to create a composite. Guys, my time is so limited, what I feel needs to be done will have to wait. So I worked one shot in Lightroom and skipped CC for now.


THE POLES!!!!! If you follow me on instagram you know I spend too much time removing them. The wires in the sky are driving me nuts. I also have a version of the sky shot at a lower exposure and has zero blown out zones. Removing poles are easy and quick when they are around trees or clouds. These poles however, cover multiple areas of graffiti, colors and shapes. The wires do the same so cloning and brushing will take hours. I’m up for the challenge just not yet; I need more time. I’ve also gotten a lot of feedback from my silly instagram vids of my edits; maybe it is time I take youtube seriously. I’m worried my techniques are sub par though as I am self taught. We shall see.

Traffic became a nuisance and the bright orange from the sunset was gone within seconds. I had her pull to the side and then I snapped a few more. Even the last three I didn’t expect to turn out clean enough. I honestly copied an edit from the E30 for fun and ended up running with it.

Shoots like this are always special and it’s one of the reasons why I continue to do what I do. I love making money but spending the weekend with good friends, no drama and taking photos that end up site worthy are all worth the headaches this journey has brought. Simply Clean is this weekend and hopefully I can create another memorable set. Thank you Andrea for accommodating us and Sir Brock for letting me drive the e30 like its mine. I’m pretty lucky to say the least.


Richard Mason Hughes