For sale is a 1987 Lada VFTS Racecar. Rebuilt to its full specifications in March 2016. This extremely rare car is one seriously collectable piece of machinery. Stripped down to a bare shell, it was professionally rebuilt by Bodnar Motor in Hungary. All parts installed are brand new and no detail was skipped during the build. A fully built race engine running on race gas with forged internals ensures this car can take whatever you throw at it. Twin 48mm Weber carbs will deliver a symphony notes through the rpm range as you, of course, carry it to the rev limiter. Weighing less than 1900 lbs and putting down close to 200hp, it is a guaranteed good time. Just incase you go too far, a race spec 16 point cage, race seats and harnesses will safeguard you if you happen to flip a few times. Yes, it's designed to take multiple rolls since no one in their right mind would drive this without pushing it to the max!! A built 5 speed dog box means you can slam gears all day. Clutch, use it if you want. But you can save it for that heel-and-toe action as you prepare to rip the hydro e-brake then dump the clutch to walk it sideways out of a turn. It is the only one of it's kind in the U.S. and it has never seen a race. Don't miss out on the chance to own an awesome unique car that will definitely deliver a good time. 


  • Manufacturing year: 1987 (Lada 2105)
  • Brand New rebuild date: 03.2016
  • Weight: 1900lbs
  • Wheels: Speedline Corse Magnesium
  • Brakes: BBK up front, Hydro ebrake, Brake Bias Adjustment
  • Interior: WRC Racing seats, Sabelt Harness, Certified 16 Point Roll Cage.


    • 2000cc SOHC Race Engine
    • Intake: Double 48mm Weber Carbs
    • Fuel: Race fuel only
    • Internals: Ross Racing pistons and rings, Ross Racing connecting rods, Schick Valves and camshaft, Schick titanium valve plate
    • Exhaust: 60mm 4-2-1 race headers, 60mm Stainless Steel Race exhaust
    • Drivetrain: Homologous 5-speed Dogbox, LSD with running gear