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 The Lamborhini Sián

Freshly released is the brand new Sián. This amazing machine represents Lamborghini’s breach into the realm of hybrid technologies.

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Before I get started, the shots were not taken or composed by me, all info and photos can be found on the Lamborghini Media page.


“Sián: meaning flash or lightning in Bolognese dialect, referencing the first electric application in a Lamborghini production car.”

No, it’s not the first time Lamborghini has made a hybrid or electric but those vehicles were simply one-of concepts. This is the first production hybrid vehicle available for purchase. Limited to only 63 units, honoring the foundation year of Lamborghini, all have already been sold. As for the price, safe to assume it will be well over 1Mil. 


What makes the Sián so remarkable is the technological advances made by Lamborghini. The hybrid system for instance isn’t powered by the typical lithium ion battery but instead a supercapacitor. It allows for more punch with less space and more importantly, less weight. A 48 volt e-motor built into the gearbox provides 34hp and also supports low speed movements for reversing and parking.


Most of the power is created by the naturally aspirated V12, 785hp to be exact. Lamborghini used the engine from the Svj and was able to squeeze out a few more ponies with new titanium intake valves. Total combined output is 819hp making this the most powerful Lamborghini ever created. It has the lowest power-to-weight ratio of the v12 family, and due to the new hybrid system it is also the fastest accelerating Lamborghini ever. 


Plenty of shapes with heavy geometric styling can be seen throughout. The futuristic design was inspired by the Countach; and though magnificent to look at, aerodynamic performance was not sacrificed. Optimal downforce is generated and the design also incorporates cooling channels in key locations for peak cooling performance. All 63 models will have a unique style chosen by each owner through Lamborghini’s design outlets. 


Lamborghini is making their way into hybrid technology and doing so with naturally aspirated platforms. The soul and essence remain while incorporating the progressive refinements offered through todays technology. With the most power ever, brand-new sophisticated tech and a design that is jaw dropping and functional the Lamborghini Sián represents the introduction of a new chapter. 


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