As most of you already know, I love BMW's. Its almost pathetic that I currently don't own one. I did for a brief moment, but never got it running. Thats the mistake, because I'm sure if I drove it. Game Over. Lesson learned, moving on, look at this! The M4 GTS is absolutely beautiful. Don't start with me on the price. Go away, it holds its value better than most, and that is almost more important than the amount. How many people bitch about money lost on a car? Ya, exactly. Continuing on, for my open hearted people. It's really sweet. Feels like something that wants to be driven. I had the opportunity to drive it home for the owner. I denied it, because I knew for a fact, he wouldn't see me for 3hrs, as I proceed to devalue the car on the highway. Interior is raw, dry carbon everywhere, so many details left to tell you when I shoot it again, sorry. I don't even have interior shots. But the tail lights, OMG, ok no more fanboy. So bad we forgot to clean the hood. I had the spray, not sure what happened, Sorry, anyways I'm shooting it again, soon. 

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