Product Info

This section contains info on current items and new ones in the works.


Giclee Prints

Currently in the store, giclee prints offer better quality than standard poster prints. With a higher resolution and a longer lifespan these prints will look amazing for years to come. Prints may take up to 5 business days before shipment. Each unit is printed to order. I want to ensure everyone receives a fresh print.

Chroma Lux Metal Art

Printing directly on sheets of aluminum creates a beautiful effect. After seeing these types of prints I immediately knew I wanted to offer them. I noticed different methods, some producing better quality and effects than others. After a few weeks of researching, I found a great company that creates some of the best metal prints I've seen.

The current option offered is the Clear Gloss Format. Printed straight to the aluminum without a white layer. This allows the actual grain of the metal to show through. The whites show this the most. It creates a beautiful effect that enhances the images. 

Currently only offered through individual requests as I'm still developing I will personally work with you to create the perfect piece. 

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Custom Requests

None of my prints catch your eye? Or you just want personal work? Book a shoot with RMH today! I offer bundles with prices depending on what kind of prints are requested. 

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Next in the line up are canvas prints. Im really excited about these and can't wait to offer them. My last job I worked as a custom framer and I loved it. I learned stretching techniques and gained a few years of framing experience. I plan on personally building and stretching each canvas print. Coming Soon to