Scraping Miata. Literally. It's not aired out either, its static. If you don't know this car by now, not sure what to tell you. Its gone. Yeah, sadly the asphalt finally sanded its way through the sub frame. Stupid, I know, but then you see it parked in the sunset, with all the colors popping out as you walk around it. It has that goofy stance which only makes sense with cute popups and that smiley grill. You find yourself staring at it though. Whether you like it or not, you're going to stare at it. Then it all makes sense. Built to grab your attention in his own unique way of expression. I cant hate on that. Dude is a mad man for driving it like that DAILY! I used to tear at him to raise it. Nope, he kept doing it his way, no matter what me or anyone else told him. I respected that, eventually I learned to be more open to the craziness of his car. Started to love seeing it. Espcially in traffic. The looks on the peoples faces brought me back to when I first started shooting and would ride around with my buddy ChakaFlocka. Miss ya bro!!! Anyways, heres what I'm assuming are the last shots of this crazy ride. -\\-