2000 GT

     ...too short for a feature, too long to be a bakers post; I had no idea where to put this. Another red, old school jdm machine caught me again.

    I went down to Lamborghini Broward for Supercar Saturdays today. IT WAS SO HOT!!! Too hot. I went with the intentions to cover the show but it was brutal today. It was bright and clear; good to bring the fam out, sucked for shooting. 


       I wasted no time venturing into mechanics dept. I knew it had huge fans and the light was more favorable. Everyone also piled in to avoid the heat; shooting looked impossible.

    People were crowded around every car. As I'm planning to go back outside, I catch a glimpse of a little red car to the right of that Rolls Royce.


     I get closer and I realize it's a Toyota 2000 GT. I look around and there's literally no one by it. I'm scratching my head because this was one of the coolest cars here and there was a huge crowd behind me. It was also the first time I've ever seen one in person. I looked at Jarrett and said "Bakers Dozen", and started shooting.