Lancia Delta Integrale

....well over due, I know.


    What's up?! I'm looking extra random dropping so many announcements and then falling off. Hdwerks kinda of happened randomly. One day I'm building my site the next I'm building theirs. My free time has been cut tremendously. I'm still making moves on the 240, still shooting just having trouble again getting it out; for good reason though. I'll get into more of that later...soon....hopefully?

Lancia Delta

     Check this out...


    I hit SuperCar Saturdays again and it seems the trend is continuing. Some sort of red car steals my attention. Literally this is the third time in a row!

   I lit up when I saw this. Glimpsed it when we rolled in and as soon as we got out the car, I ditched evryone and headed straight to the area I saw it. 

        If I'm not mistaken this is a Lancia Delta Hf Integrale Evoluzione ii. Geez. I had double check then tripple check google with that long of a name. The wide body and different size headlights are my clue points; I could be wrong. Anyways it is sick!!!!!!!

    If you have me on FB you know I'm always sharing Group B rally vids. Seeing this made burning up in the sun worth it! This was my first time ever seeing one in person. I grabbed a few shots and ran back to the shade.

More shots below...