Oro Bacchus Evo

I had no intention of posting this set until I realized this is the third Huracan in the Oro color family that iv’e shot. Hit the features section and theres a Oro Elios spyder I worked with earlier last year. Still pending is the airport set I decided to re-edit with the Oro Bacchus Performante. Now that I think about it, I may have another set of that Performante I can post; we shall see. Anyways, Bam invited me and few guests to partake in an after hours session at the dealership. Jarrett and Joe tagged along and we all managed to capture great content. With so much going on I struggled to find a flow and ended up just hanging with everyone and helping when I can. After everyone left I decided to fire some away for 10-15mins and ended up with a barely post worthy set lol.