Teaser: DriftHQ Free Event

        Hello! I barely made it out to the DriftHQ event last Sunday at Immokalee Regional Raceway. I was extremely tired but with Sunday added to the schedule I had to go. I didn't make it out Saturday due to a planned wedding shoot for a good friend. Sunday should have been a rest day but we all know I would rather catch some drifting. I ended up oversleeping and running into some issues in the morning which almost made me stay home. I surely would have regretted that decision. 

        I went, I shot, and had the set ready in one day. I began the write up but its an extremely large set that requires more time than expected. For now, I'm dropping some of the shots and will get the entire set out in the next few days. I'll break the Bakers Dozen rule and post a longer run. Keep your eyes peeled for the full write-up.